Hammer is a demihuman character in the Squaresoft game Xenogears.

He looks something like a rat and something like a camel; if he is based on any actual species at all, the world will never know.

He was a prisoner in Kislev's prison block (D) until Fei Fong Wong and co. won their freedom. Hammer was friends with Rico Banderas in some sense or other.

Hammer's my idea of a kind of tragic hero. He hasn't got a happy ending--his feelings of inadequacy put him in with the wrong people and he ends up a wreck (literally). The moral of the story is never to let a mad scientist take advantage of your low self-esteem.

Infamous quote: "Master, sir, did you just see my MAD SKILLZ?!

Characteristic quote: "I'm different from you all! I'm not special like you!"