Remembering 9/10 and 9/11

I had headed off to the gym only to run into an accident that blocked me from going so I gave up, turned around and came home. Logging on to E2 I saw panamaus saying something about Hermetic and a note on his homenode. By the time my browser had hit it, Hermetic had logged out. It had been less than three minutes. I knew he was acting on his thoughts. I thought his friends had it covered. That maybe he would choose not to inflict this pain on them. All of his day logs had led up to this moment. He was trying to prepare them. I cursed myself for not stepping in.

I watched as the editors struggled with ophie to help her come up with some vocabulary, help her say what had happened, help her catch her breath. The horror was numbing to know that she and David had taken the brunt of this. “We are writers” I said, "Maybe we can help her with our words," and Lord Brawl stepped forward to give her some of his.

Jet-Poop was in the catbox demanding an address for Hermetic's family so that we could send our sympathies and I am so glad he did that because without his persistence we would not have had the presence of karma debt and her family. They brought us the solace we deeply needed in the following days.


This is the first year that it is not gut wrenching for me to watch the coverage. I was on E2 trying to help others cope with the loss of Adam. With every blow to the buildings it felt as if I was being punched in the stomach, when the plane crashed in PA, I was desperate for this nightmare to come to an end. In my heart I understood it was an act of war and that again soldiers would be sent to fight and die. There was the most irrational thought of being grateful that Adam wasn't here to suffer anymore that flitted through my head.

This morning as I watched the various news channels I was struck by the total absence of 9/11 coverage by CNN. The ladies harped on vacuous subjects like Britney Spears' weight problem. Yesterday on CNN, the congressional hearings were only mentioned to refer people to watch it live on their web site.

Dear CNN,
Moving on does not justify trying to forget.