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Although the modern history of championship chess is said to have started in 1886 with a match between Steinitz and Zukertort, it wasn't until 1993 that a British man, the 28 year old Nigel Short, had an opportunity to play for the world title against then champion Gary Kasparov.

Kasparov was (and is) referred to by many as the strongest player in the history of the game. Short and Dutch Grandmaster Jan Timman played an elimination round for the right to challenge Kasparov for his title. When asked who he thought he would play and the likely outcome, Kasparov replied: “It will be Short and it will be short...

As if proof of the great world champion Emmanuel Lasker's line in his book Manual of Chess that in life we are all duffers, Short, for all his felicity at the chessboard, reveals little subtlety when it comes to the spoken word (in fact his biographer Cathy Forbes has described him as often using his speech to disguise his thoughts).

Ample evidence of this is on the record, not the least of which was his reponse to a question posed by a French journalist that “France represents everything I detest most in life. Your country’s only useful products are porn films.”).

In addition, and as many other Grandmasters seem to, Short has a tendency to describe this apparently (to us patzers) docile, if cerebral, game in largely sexual language. And it's rough sex Nigel seems to be looking for.

Dominic Lawson’s book The Inner Game has the slight, rather imp-ish Short quoted as saying about a particular opponent: “I’m going to give it to him good and hard. I’m going to give the guy a good rogering. I’m going to give it to him good and hard, right up him. I want to rape and mate him.Tyson language in spectacles.

Lawson also reports that in Barcelona in 1987 he first heard Short use the acronym TDF, which he imagined to be a contraction of some arcane chess strategy. Short and the American Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan kept using the expression while poring over a board and discussing tactics. Finally Lawson asked them what it meant. In unison, and with evident pleasure, they growled back:

"Trap. Dominate. Fuck."