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(thing) by Elendraal Sat Nov 13 1999 at 9:00:07

A disturbing and violent graphic novel by J. O'Barr despicting the classic scenerio of a man come back from the dead to make the wrong things right.

An all together amazing story and a beautiful piece of visual art.

The book was made into a movie which was quite a bit different from the book but managed to do justice to the mood and feel of the book.

(thing) by Wuukiee Mon Dec 25 2000 at 17:45:00
the crow is a darkly *beautiful* (if admittedly violent) piece on the immortality of love and the thought that death is *not* an end, but rather just another step in the constantly-turning wheel of forever.

the plot is most easily sumarized in a "revenge" tactic, and that's all it is on the surface, a decent plot, backed up with some excellent cinematography, a good score, and the basic coating of an action movie.

but take it deeper and it's intricate below its cover of fire and blood. the charcter interactions are more complex than readily apparent; the mystical and lore implications of the movie are very near correct, the music meshes amazingly with the script...and the fundamental truth is mindblowing.

i was absolutely in tears by the end of this movie. it is amazingly powerful and deep, and caught me entirely off-guard in terms of its truth. when you *have* died wrongly, and left a love... and after lifetimes of searching, find them again and return to their arms ... (and i will tell that story sometime later)... when you have lived, and died, in that... it was more than i could take. its ending song, "It can't rain all the time..." still makes me cry slightly each time i hear it, from its sheer beauty...
(thing) by Crux Mon Jun 11 2001 at 0:54:14
Ok, folks. It's art time. Here's what you do; You'll need: Some paper Pencils or crayons (black of course) A rose Draw a black person. Draw a knife in his hand. Now draw him killing someone white and innocent. Now draw a clown. Don't forget to color his hair in black! He should look scary and ominous; this can be accomplished by having him slouch and quote some silly poetry. Now, draw the man with the knife telling the Crow that he is dumb and that the man with the knife will now kill him. For that extra bit of realism, indicate his subhumanity by having him a) drooling/spitting, b)doing some sort of drug, or c)gnawing on human bone. Next, draw the black man (criminal) shooting at the clown. He should be saying something appropriately ignorant and , like "You gonna die, suckah!" or, "In yo' face!" or, "Where's da beef?!"... (more)
(review) by alex Thu Jan 10 2002 at 12:47:22
Release: 1994-05-13 (US) Director: Alex Proyas Length: 117' Production: United States Language: English MPAA rating: R Cast: Brandon Lee (Eric Draven, undead guitar hero), Ernie Hudson (Strange cop), Michael Wincott (Top Dollar, evil drug lord), Rochelle Davis (Sarah, the kid) I finally watched the 1994 film The Crow since everyone else in the universe apparently already had and a copy turned up in my hands. Since the answer to the obligatory "is it more than five years old" question was affirmative I stuck it in the VCR for a look-see. This film seems to have become a neo-gothic cult item, a fact which I can only ascribe to the theme of death, death and more death, a semblance of poetic justice, low lighting and the real-life demise of its principal actor. Its basic idea is simple: A guitar-playing chap named Eric Draven (Brandon Lee), guided... (more)

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