I would say without a doubt yes. At face value, our ability to use technology for good is like a retard on ritalin - totally doped. Obviously, this is a bad thing, although not incredibly bad - like Uberfetus said we haven't extinguished ourselves yet. However we shouldn't just be shrugging it off because we haven't brought about our extinction yet.

Sometimes a form of the converse is true - the pace of technology is dependent on bad things, such as war. For instance, the cold war saw a lot of developments, the internet for one finds its origins in DARPA. Similarly, I'm sure some rednecks are asking themselves questions like "does the pace of technology outpace our ability to use it to kill those damn Soviets?" I for one certainly hope so.

The startling growth in technology has in a way ended the old idea that in working to gain power, you have developed the responsibility to use it. Not too long ago things such as computers and weapons were fairly difficult to come by, but today you have kindergarden children bringing carbine rifles to school, people creating nuclear reactors in their backyards and the like. Due, in part, to technology.

It's also interesting to note in terms of technological resourcefulness in humankind's that U-235 is not only used for energy and atomic bombs but can then be used as high accuracy bullets. Chalk another one up for war.