No, no. This is not when husky, sweaty laboring men in overalls and tight-fitting t-shirts get together and hummmm Dixie beneath the stacks of fescue.

This is the term for blowing your nose when it is full of oysters. Oysters are the types of boogers which have no solid form whatsoever. They are pure boogery protoplasm at its best. And you cannot remove them with your finger. You must press one nostril solidly closed, lean over, and blow as much air through the remaining nostril as is possible.

For more details, see Picking your nose.

Warehouse blow would be blow obtained from a warehouse. Blow is a slang term for cocaine, so warehouse blow would be cocaine from the cocaine warehouse.

This is in direct contrast to cocaine you got from your dealer, your friend Marty, the really messed up chick at the party last Thursday or even that time you accidentally tried to buy cocaine from the undercover cop.

The cocaine warehouse is located on prime real estate near the docks. This ensures that the cocaine is fresh. It comes off of the cocaine supertanker and is transported by dock workers right to the cocaine warehouse. There it is weighed and stored in special space age Ziplock bags that lock out the air, but seal in the freshness. Then it is doled out to be sold on the street to addicts like you.

If you know someone that works at the warehouse maybe you can score some warehouse blow before it gets marked up by the street dealers. Or if you're the enterprising sort you could get a business license from the appropriate local government agency and go into business for yourself. Then just show the man your papers and he'll let you buy your very own warehouse blow!

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