studying in the school of loss, our first
class: apathy one oh one, the
teachers gave lectures on playing
hard to get, test questions such as

if you murmur, between shoulder
kisses, "do you ever get someone
stuck in your head, like a song you've
heard too much?", will he a) give an awkward
laugh and change the subject b) switch the song
on the radio and slide his tongue down your
throat c) have meaningless frenzied intercourse with your
half-naked body d) all of the above

in biology they
showed slides of dilated pupils and
sweaty palms

in health class they handed out
valium for protection

for the final exam they
take you inside a room, where all your
loved ones are waiting. you've passed! they exclaim.
we're all so proud of you.

and then you have to come back the year after
and the year after that

until you stop getting excited.

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