The complete Justice Friends roster is as follows:

The Heroes:
Major Glory (voiced by Rob Paulson)
Val Hallen, Viking God of Rock! (voiced by Tom Kenny)
Krunk, the Infraggable (voiced by Frank Welker)
Living Bullet (voiced by Tom Kenny)
White Tiger (voiced by Frank Welker)
Ratman (voice unknown)
Uncle Sam
Capital G
Miss Pell
Tiki Torch
Phan Tone
William Goat
Samurai (pronounced "Sam Are I")
Green Arrow-lookalike(?)

The Villains:
Comrade Red
Wrasslor (voiced by Randy "Macho Man" Savage)
Mental Mouse
Heck Hound
Barbequor, Eater of Worlds
Silver Spooner, Herald of Barbequor (voiced by Rob Paulson)
Dr. Diablos
Disgruntled Postman

Other voices by John Kassir, Tom Kenny, Jim Cummings, Bob Ridgely, Maurice La Marche, and Greg Eagles.

Episode Guide, Season 1:

Episode 5, Part 2: Wrasslor(appearance on Dial M for Monkey)
Episode 6, Part 2: VallHallen's Room
Episode 7, Part 2: Krunk's date
Episode 8, Part 2: Say Uncle Sam
Episode 9, Part 2: Ratman
Episode 10, Part 2: Can't Nap
Episode 11, Part 2: Barbequor(appearance on Dial M for Monkey)
Episode 12, Part 2: TV Superpals
Episode 13, Part 2: Bee Where?

Episode Guide, Season 2:

Episode 12, Part 2: Things that Go Bonk in the Night
Episode 37, Part 2: Pain in the Mouth
Episode 39, Part 1: Last but not Beast (final episode!)

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