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Well, here I am, dragged by such notable entities as BlakJak, Nemosyn and Taliesin's Muse. These notable entities are my very dear friends and I'm often to be found making mad passionate love to, ahem, a nuisance of myself around these people.

So, having finally made it onto the much spoken of e2, what am I going to do? I imagine that I may actually need to do some writing to start with, but then I thought that I might relax with a gin and tonic and wander around to meet people, do some reading and be a general pain in the bottom.

Just so you do know, I'm interested in politics, theology (the two things never mentioned over the dinner table...buggered if I have anything to talk about at dinner parties anymore!) classical music, jazz and books of most and any sort. But other than that, I think that I might go for a bit of a wander around the place before writing anything too interesting in here!