Yoplait Fou! - It's French for Fun!

Fou! is not, of course, French for Fun. However, the above was the slogan used in Australia by Yoplait during their short-lived attempt to convince the general public that this foul creation was indeed edible.

A tub of Fou! was divided into two parts, one containing a substance which we can somewhat reluctantly describe as yoghurt, the other a small amount of sweets or lollies. Various flavours of yoghurt were available, the bonbons either matching or complementing them - for example, the strawberry flavour came with crunchy chocolate-flavoured balls, whereas the banana was accompanied simply by tiny sugary banana-flavoured-and-shaped things.

On a personal note, as a child I was cast in an ad for this stuff. With open Fou! in hand, a fake French accent and an overweight, retarded dog sitting beside me, I related in 15 seconds a tale of how the bastard kelpie had ruined my birthday party by eating all the Yoplait Fou!. The shoot lasted over 12 hours, during the course of which we were not fed. Presumably, neither was the dog since he could not stop drooling, and between each take his handler would wipe his jowls clean of spittle with a teatowel. Often the drool would become visible during the take, and at other times the fat fuck would wander off halfway through my spiel. God knows what made his owner think this dog would ever make it in showbusiness.

Holding a container of Fou! for hours in front of a camera does not make the idea of eating the stuff seem a good one. Not only was I plugging the vomitesque banana (there were similar ads for the other flavours), but since the container was open for half a day by the end it was full of hairs and dirt. And dog drool, since I was made to kneel so that he appeared taller than me. Why they didn't have replacement containers I don't know - I guess they could digitally edit the contaminants out quite easily. Or perhaps not, and that's why Fou! flopped?

Despite my best efforts, I never saw myself on television. However I am assured that the ad did indeed run, mostly during Saturday morning cartoons, which my hippy commie parents did not allow me to watch.

Fou! did not last long. Put off by my experience, I was not particularly keen on trying it but upon doing so my suppositions were confirmed. Surprising, since Yoplait products are often of very high quality.

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