One real year is often converted into seven dog years. This is not accurate in the real world, as a real dog's age really isn't that simple to calculate. Veterinarians created a more realistic conversion of real years to dog years, for those truly interested in how long their dog will live, and how it will mature.

5 puppy months = 10 years old

8 puppy months = 13 years old

10 puppy months = 14 years old

1 dog year = 15 years old

From 1 to 18 (real) years of a dog’s life, you can use the following formula to calculate your dog’s real age:

2 to 18 real years = 16 + (4 x d) years old

d = real years of a dog’s life

So if your dog had lived 7 years, it would be 44 years old.

If your dog is lucky enough to live this long, the scale turns chaotic around now.

19 real years = 89 dog years

20 real years = 93 dog years

21 real years = 96 dog years

22 real years = 99 dog years

23 real years = 103 dog years

24 real years = 106 dog years

So now you know. And the next time someone says 1 real year is 7 dog years, you can say "That's wrong!"

And when they ask you to explain, you can say "I don't remember how the chart goes, because the veterinarians made a chart that isn't easy to remember." And chances are, they'll think you're a damn liar. And you'll be sad.

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