Choof is an Australian slang term for marijuana. It is used to describe both the drug and the act of smoking.


Leroy: have you got any choof?
Tim: Yes, a threefer. Let us choof at lunchtime.


Alternatively, to go for a choof. I have heard choofer used to mean someone who smokes a lot.

This term is used primarily by those who believe they are cool by virtue of smoking pot, those who smoke very infrequently and bogans.

In Australia and the UK, chuffed (adj.) is also used to mean pleased or contented. This term is originally from the Aberdeenshire/Buchan area of Scotland (see Everything Guide to Doric Words and Phrases). Also, in England the term choof refers to the act of toking, and a really big toke is a hoof.1

The Chouf Mountains are found in Lebanon.

1. Thanks to Oolong for this info

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