The illegal practice of using stolen credit card information to get mail order goods via phone, catalog, or the internet. It involves getting someone's credit card number, and using it to place a fraudulent order and send it to a drop site.

Also a term used when a store, drinking establishment or nightclub requires that one presents one's ID prior to purchase or entrance into the establishment. People are usually carded prior to being allowed to buy alcohol or cigarettes, so that the store's proprietor can be certain that the customer is of legal age to purchase such items. People are also occasionally carded by unusually dilligent shopkeepers when they attempt to pay for their purchases with a check or a credit card.

Card"ing (?), a.


The act or process of preparing staple for spinning, etc., by carding it. See the Note under Card, v. t.


A roll of wool or other fiber as it comes from the carding machine.

Carding engine, Carding machine, a machine for carding cotton, wool, or other fiber, by subjecting it to the action of cylinders, or drum covered with wire-toothed cards, revolving nearly in contact with each other, at different rates of speed, or in opposite directions, The staple issues in soft sheets, or in slender rolls called slivers.


© Webster 1913.

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