Ahhh, the apple fritter, truly the deep fried dough treat of the gods. The best apple fritters (in my experience) come from Presti's Bakery in Little Italy near Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. This fine establishment is open 24 hours a day, with the doughnut portion of the show open from 6PM until 10AM and the bakery portion open from 10AM until 6PM.

The apple fritter from Presti's is truly a religious experience. It's an amorphous blob of deep fried dough, slightly smaller than your head (your head size may vary). Weighing in at over 1 pound of fatty sugary lovin', this taste treat caused one of my friends to exclaim:

"I might as well just strap this directly to my ass."
Luckily the walk from the CWRU campus to Presti's helps to alleviate the effects of the famed apple fritter. And all this can be yours for the low, low, low price of only one single solitary US dollar. Score!

And now for the obligatory apple fritter anecdote:
I was sitting in the kitchen of the Theta Chi house at CWRU, chillin' not quite wholly unlike a villain. My current source of amusement was to wear a Burger King crown and proclaim directives to all who were foolish enough to wander within my sphere of influence. Two of my friends walked past and asked if I wanted anything.

"Bring me an apple fritter!" I proclaimed.
Several Hours Later...
I was sitting around in my bathrobe at my computer at around 4AM, playing/swearing at Ultima 9 when I heard a rapping at my chamber door. I opened the door to find the aforementioned two friends holding a large white box with something written upon the top. They opened the lid to reveal its contents.
"That's beautiful, man. It looks like a giant tasty turd." I exclaimed as my eyes fell upon what they had brought.
It was the biggest apple fritter I had ever seen. About five times larger than your standard apple fritter and able to triple your caloric intake in a single bound, it was the king of the fritter world. If apple fritters did sumo, this would be the yokozuna.

Hail to the king, baby.

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