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Cream of the Cool

Visit any Target or Wal-Mart in the American South, and there will undoubtedly somewhere be a Tyler Perry shelf. Row after row of inexpensive DVDs with the various movies in the Madea series, and compilations of TV series such as Meet the Browns and House of Payne. You know for sure you're dealing with Tyler Perry - not only because Madea (Perry himself in full drag as an elderly black woman) is such a visually arresting figure, but because everything Perry makes is headed up with his own…

The other day I read that there were only 305 days left in 2015. I've done things, at home, away from home, but I'm still searching for my higher calling. I know what I could do, and I know what I should do, so why am I not doing it? Mostly out of fear which is very silly of me, but it doesn't change how I feel. A couple days ago an event made me evaluate what I was doing on Twitter. I'm embarrassed to report that back in 2012 I shared some of my marital problems with a stranger I knew slightly. Time…




Black filmmaking has historically been perceived as lacking nuance. I'm not saying it hasn't been, but the moviemakers one is most likely to think of include Atlanta's own Tyler Perry, churning out predictable and similarly plotted set pieces in assembly-line fashion. Likewise, protest films such as Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing have had an agenda, and it's hard to look for subtlety when the soundtrack is provided by Public Enemy.

Who was Henrik Willem Mesdag?

Henrik Willem Mesdag (1831-1915) was a Dutch painter and art collector from the city of Groningen, known primarily for his oil paintings of maritime scenes and his personal collection of art, which lives on in the form of the modern Mesdag Museum in The Hague.

Mesdag's Life

Born into an upper-middle class lifestyle, Mesdag was the third son of a banker. His fortunate birth allowed for tutoring in the arts at a…