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Cream of the Cool

Those of you who are not Indian (and I mean Indian from India, not North American Native Indians) will never know the struggle of dealing with words starting with 'v' and 'w'. When I first came to Canada at the age of ten, I had no idea what people were on about. I remember an incident when I was a kid, someone had done something to my forearm (in good fun) and I yelled out "Ahh my veins!". They started laughing at the way I said 'veins', and I could not for the life…

If you're a fan of the Fallout series of games, you probably had strong feelings one way or another about Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. You might have been eagerly awaiting word of Fallout 4. At E3 2015, you got the announcement- a November release date. Hooray! What to do until then? Well, Bethesda Softworks has your back. They also surprise-announced a resource-collection timewaster game named Fallout Shelter. Released for iOS (and in August, for Android) this is a…





She was here and talking non-stop and it was a word river

a torrent 


Maybe it was the shade tree

probably it was the wine



here she was relaxed

languid and careless


saying out loud the things she usually thought of,


There's a house south of me in Fayetteville, Georgia.

One where the occupants, unaware of who the previous owner was, bought it - and are now tired of chasing people off their lawn.

They come. Not that often anymore, but just often enough. To stand on the lawn and have their picture taken of themselves with the house behind them.

Because inside that house was the scene of a double murder and suicide.

When Benoit didn't show up for work on June 7, 2007 the WWE was…