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Cream of the Cool

I am a United States Sailor.

I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me.

I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world.

I proudly serve my country's Navy combat team with Honor, Courage and Commitment.

I am committed to excellence and…

"If you must blink, do it now. Pay careful attention to everything you see no matter how unusual it may seem. If you look away, even for an instant, then our hero will surely perish."

What is it?

Kubo and the Two Strings is the fourth feature film released by the stop motion animation company Laika-- the same folks who did Paranorman, Coraline, and The Boxtrolls. It was released August 19, 2016.

It is fucking amazing. And unfortunately,…

This is a throw-away daylog, unless many of you think it should be renamed into a real write-up/node. I'd leave this hidden, but would like more input. I'm passing along information to a friend; but I earned my Master's so long ago, I know I need more current information. I'm not doing formal research for pay or play, I promise.

How many of you have pursued a graduate degree while working full time, and was it in a…

Used facetiously, the bozo bit is a notional semaphore flag that you can set alongside your mental model of a person or other entity. Like any other bit in the field of computer science, a bit is Boolean, meaning that it may have one of two states: ON or OFF. By default, we normally assume that any person we meet is not a bozo. This maps well to the common programming convention that new Boolean variables are initially set to zero, or off. Bozo, of course, was…