90.3 FM in southern New England, Campus Cable Channel 6 on the URI campus, and streamed from http://www.wriu.org
You can hear this station through most of Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southeastern Massachusetts.

WRIU is run by the University of Rhode Island and the surrounding community. It specializes in forms of music that aren't well represented on mainstream radio, such as children's music, techno, IDM, punk, indie rock, free jazz, and classical. The rap shows typically avoid playing popular songs.

If you want to get a show on WRIU, you need to start out on the AM station. You'll need to go to the studio office, located in the Memorial Union on the URI Kingston Campus. Locate the AM Program Director or his number (It should be on the studio door) and ask him/her. You can play ANYTHING during your two hour set.

The FM Program Director is often on the lookout for new DJ's, since there's nearly a 100% staff turnover every four years. The FM station, however, is NOT freeform like the AM station. You must stick a format. On weekdays, 6 AM - 12 PM is reserved for jazz shows, 12 PM - 3 PM for classical, 3 - 6 PM for urban, 6 - 9 PM for folk, and 9 PM - 6 AM for rock (including techno). Weekends are for specialty shows, with lots of reggae and Latin music.

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