WAN Interface Card.

Cisco's WAN Interface Cards are add-on interfaces for some of their smallest routers, including the 1600, 1700, and 2600 series and the 3600 series (with an appropriate NM adapter, e.g. NM-2E2W or NM-1R2W). WIC modules are 3.08" x 0.75" x 4.38". The electronic interface to the router is loosely based on the PC-Card (PCMCIA) interface, but PC-Cards and WIC modules are not interchangeable.

WIC cards are the least expensive modular expansion for Cisco routers, and they are also the most limited in functionality. However, there are some interfaces which are only available in the WIC format, for example the WIC-1ADSL which allows a router to use a single ADSL connection. (The only other Cisco products that can utilize the non-central office end of a DSL connection are their low-end 600, 800 and SOHO series routers, most of which have been EOLed.)

The WIC naming scheme follows Cisco's "standard" abbreviations, even though little variety of interfaces is available. If one is familiar with several NP/NM/PA product codes, it is easy to decipher the functionality of a given WIC module.


WIC-1ENET: 1 10BaseT Ethernet interface
WIC-1T: 1 synchronous serial port
WIC-1B-U: 1 ISDN BRI interface (with integrated NT1)
WIC-2A: 2 asynchronous serial ports

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