Of the three brands of rolling paper or rollie generally available throughout Australia, Ventti beat Tally-Ho and Rollies* hands down. They have a smooth yet grippable grooved texture, making them easy too use, and an inoffensive flavour. The only negative quality of Ventti is the fact that they are quite a bit thicker than is acceptable.

Ventti are perfectly adequate for rolling cigarettes and will do nicely for joints. However, true Australian spliff connoisseurs attempt whenever possible to visit one of the many smoking shops dotted around the metropolitain region in order to purchase quality brands of rolling paper such as Rizla and Smoking Green.

I know that venti means twenty in Italian. Possibly ventti means twenty in Spanish, since Ventti are made in Spain. Perhaps originally packets of Ventti contained twenty leaves, but nowadays they proudly proclaim the fact that each packet contains "60 Premium Papers with Running Out Slip" - ten more papers than most other brands.

Ventti are made of rice paper and generally retail for $A0.40 to 0.70.

*once the generic nickname for papers, this newcomer now trying to grab a share of the market in the hope that customers will ask for a "pack of rollies" out of habit.

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