I have heard Americans talk about their judicial system. I’ve heard all the stupid jokes about anal-raping, soap droppings etc… Then they remember where I’m from and they’re like “Oh ya”.

A Thai jail is stereotypically the way you pictured it. To you hard-headed idiots, Thailand is not a communist nation, but our jail system is rougher than a lot of communist nation’s jails.

Thai jails are in fact against human rights. I avidly oppose Thai jails. Jail food isn’t supposed to taste good, but it at least should keep the prisoners healthy. Recently it has been discovered that in some jails, that the prisoners actually feed cockroaches their food and then they eat the cockroaches. They believe that the cockroaches are actually better tasting than the food meant for the prisoners. The food is generally rotting leftovers that prison dogs won’t even eat.

Horror stories happen all the time, basically if you end up in a Thai jail for more than several months, you are serving a life sentence. Polls have shown that 96% of prisoners have taken part in anal intercourse, whether intentionally or unintentionally. HIV is rampant amongst prisons; if you end up in Thai jail you will most likely receive the virus. There are horror stories of foreigners who are jailed temporarily, for overstaying their visa, waiting to be extradited. Then get raped, get HIV, and basically just served a life sentence.

Many people in prisons “escape” by taking hard drugs, purchased from the guards. Ironically these are the same people who were caught with possession of drugs. Sort of destroys the notion of a “correctional” facility.

Other abuses include the wealthy elite. Wealthy people sometimes go to jail too, but in Thailand, they remain wealthy. Some even have their own quarters with personal attendants.

Foreigners who come to visit Thailand, you don’t have any kind of immunity. You must abide by all the same laws; in fact in Bangkok, some cops have a grudge against white people. Drug possession is a major criminal offence that can land you many years in jail. You may be on vacation, but please leave the drug use at home. Also the King is head of state in Thailand, any voiced opinion against the King is a criminal offence, and you will be jailed if caught.

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