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This, too, shall pass

Current homenode pic in honour of ToasterLeavings. His words. My pen.

Version: 3.12
GS/FA d-(+) s: a- C+(++) U? P L E? W+ N? o? K- w O? M-(--) V? PS PE
Y PGP+ t- 5? X- R tv-(--) b+++(++++) DI+ D? G e++ h- r++ x++(+++)

Version: 0.1.2
NF/D l ++ xp+ n+(++) C? H(+) c+ e+ # d+ D+(++) p+>++ g++++ N

The guide to pronouncing "Taliesin".

According to "the Prydain Guide", Taliesin (chief Bard of Prydain in the Lloyd Alexander books of the Chronicles of Prydain) should be pronounced tally-ESS-in. The pronunciation of the Taliesin buildings by the great Frank Lloyd Wright agrees with this.

The Key to Pronunciation from The Fates of the Princes of Dyfed by Cenydd Morus ( states that it is Tal-yes'-in

Alias Mother Jonez tells us it's tawl-YES-een.

infoplease ( insists on tal-E-es'in, as does (

A list of welsh baby names on suite101 ( gives TAL-eh-sin.

Y'know what? I don't have the foggiest. I like Tal-EE-es-in. Heck with it. Call me anything, I'll answer.

I am not the taliesinsmuse on Livejournal, and I would like to point out that I was here first. So there.

In the beginning was the word. And the word was: "Aardvark".


The librarian rules...OOK

Nice people who have C!-ed my writeups: (may they be rewarded by their deity of choice, or get good karma, or just have nice things happen to them)

Alright – this list was getting too complex. We’ll try it like this:

As of 3 Nov 2006:

10 C! from the noble wertperch and the righteous sid
7 C! presented by the excellent Ereneta
6 C! courtesy of the wonderful Orpheum, and the inexorable sneff, with a surprise 4 in a row from SharQ
5 C! donated by aneurin
4 C! thanks to Albert Herring, avalyn, Gritchka and Lometa
3 C! from each of Brontosaurus, doyle, drownzsurf, Excalibre, panamaus, Pseudo_Intellectual, RubenAzarja and Tem42
2 C! kindly awarded by dannye, Glowing Fish, IndigoSky, liveforever, momomom, montecarlo, nine9, oakling, pimephalis, SEF, sloebertje, smartalix, The Custodian and Wuukiee.
And 1 C! gifted by amnesiac, artman2003, bewilderbeast, BlueDragon, bol, borgo, call, C-Dawg, Cletus the Foetus, CloudStrife, creases, Davidian, DejaMorgana, Dreamvirus, eliserh, gnarl, GrouchyOldMan, grundoon, Grzcyrgba, hapax, hectorthebat, hotthamir, in10se, jaubermoniker, JediBiz783, jessicapierce, Jet-Poop, kalen, Kalon, LaylaLeigh, Lila, lovejoyman, Lucy-S, nocodeforparanoia, Oolong, O-Swirl, Ouroboros, Pint, Posmella, pottedstu, Professor Pi, Senso, Simulacron3, Stealth Munchkin, The_Moo_Cow, TheBooBooKitty, Timeshredder, Transitional Man, umquam, vandewal, VT_hawkeye, Walter, wrinkly, WWWWolf, XWiz, yclept and zgirll.

Me and E2:

Level 1: December 24, 2002
Level 2: January 15, 2003 with Larry Adler
Level 3: February 19, 2003 with Musk duck
Level 4: May 7, 2004 with an upvote to one of sneff's w/us. Last writeup: Archerfish

Editor Cools: Steve Irwin (twice!), Eva Peron, and May 6, 2004.

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Girl from the River Seine done, as The unknown girl of the Seine
Black Speech done!
Feng Shui Please please someone else do it well, first. I don't wanna.
Everything Kansas - school camp site

This is my kittycat Saskia. When I reach a level where I can have a homenode pic, she'll be on it. Till then, ASCII art must suffice.

   S XaBX                                                                                           
   iM S;XSXXMX                                                                                      
    M ;ir7S:rM@i                                                                                    
    M S7rXXXi7W08i                                                                                  
    M XSXXZaa7,08a08i                                                         WM                    
    8.i:i:r77aXiWMSa8BX                                               ,0MMMMMMM;0                   
    :2r:rir7;S2  8Ma782MMi                                          2MM0aZ8BMa iW                   
         :XaZS0Za S@aX.  ,r,XSX,                           Xi  ,:Z00aSXaZ8W0: X@M                   
    ,2i,.;;;2ZZWaa XMSXBS :7i  ;7WW@7.                 i8BZ077X2XrirSSa8BW; .rrMM                   
     .;i;,i 7SaZaBX  MM;Z0 S, 28  r..MM87Z7       ;r008a2XS7rr,r;r2ZaZW8,  72;rM                    
   ,8SaB0Sr7;aZa7Z0; ,8ZZS0MMrSWMXiaWa7@2:;S@7SMMa2Sr:,S88Z2ZZZaSBBWM8  i28ZZBM:                    
    MZX2X;r;iSZZSZa2r    XZ;ri r :a2MWS:r,MM2;i8airZaSSXr2ZaaWWM@M0i  7S2Xi.SMM                     
    W088@WM@2;;788WZSXi,X;iX: Zr.M;i;2MX0:,7 aZ0:i.W@;rX8XaMMMr.   :XSSS;;aMMX                      
    Sa880ZZSB2   ,S2SrZi; MM  WXMrX;887ZaM7:iMMB7MB80W@WWW@X  .iXX2S;r,,,iXS                        
    ZXBB0;.  ,,;   :,i .,.XBiSZXWra;0rW8MX.i B;7aSXMMW7;    XZ2SZSr:70WMMMX                         
   iM;8W; .:;SXBB@Zi,:;r2i Z aXrBarrM.MSMS7MMX XZ,.     .78S8a22XS272;..                            
   M87X287,:22ZBZSaS7;,r: @W 8W8 SW0@XM:Wi:MB.Z,7;i,r;Z8ZaBSXXrS27XX:                               
   .MZ ,  i2Xr7aa7, r.:;.ra. M7ii0i2X;Xr,M,2;i8irrrZM00880Xi7XrSXSa2                                
     X a:XrXS22;  ,, ::..SM2 ,SWZMX;; Mr MM,aZSr;S:i      i;rXa2aZa                                 
     . 2  .r7X:. :: ;.:r7;i B,;.0aM7@ Z 0aSiX;;2;;X:X2   ,;XZ8M8SS;                                 
     :S, .;       ,:  XB2; iMX 87i70.,B MBrX;7a7r7r080ZMZrr7rS02BX                                  
     .i:ii    .Z2,   BM7   .82 822..,07 0XXS7Xr;7aS2;SSZXXS2X7X0r                                   
     .@;        Z8.  W@.    MS MMM, M@ XaX.2SXXX;XS;Xr2W2r72X2B                                     
     BM0Zi,,         MM,   XM ;MMB MMi:;rBa;SiXXXi;XS2XSS7;X2B                                      
     MB,:  WMMMM0r   BX    ZS20MW  M  ..WMW :;,i;i,.iXS2;XX70;                                      
      2.   MMSM2BMMWia27 . X XZ2078r,  r@@; .iS8ri;;:;;SXXZ02                                       
      r0i  aM7ZaZMMMM2SW8@SXrZW2:,X ,i 2M8.. 78r::,.,;;i:;2W                                        
      .S777 MMBaaMBZ0MS2ZMW2aS0S2Z0WSSWM2         ,i::, i;:@                                        
      M0.XMi:@MMMB80MMXi7B220ZZXa80Z22i,aWMMMMMM0;i;r. XMaW8                                        
       MX.0BZr;MMMMMMM8r2aX8BZ8Sa82;:7MMWWWMBW8 MM2ZMMMMMMM                                         
       ZZ0M2Sa7 ,:,XBMa2WS.ZZBa77aii8MMZ2ZMB82  MW  .:::.2@                                         
      ,.SXX8; i7iiiXM@rX  iaB0277X;0MMMMW08Z0WMMM  ,XZi:Sa                                          
      Z. i;ZM@MM0aZMMMS  :.SZaXri::MMMMMMMMMMMW: iX2X  iM                                           
     7M.,;r,i20Br7BZZZ  .  .  r7X;2M8;,. :;i,:ia0ZZX2@MM                                            
     .    , ,0M@.   82r7: Z7ii;7irBMa;;X7r7Xa2SS8BWWMM7                                             
   ,MM;   i    8 .  X7r. rX;2aSSSM2MM80MM8ZZ00MW2XXii                                               
  ;MB.    ;7  X  a  r   ,i2X7XZ2MB;a22SX8M@02SX;i:,i7,                                              
  MX    ;rX2:   7   ZZS   iiiiZZX;::.;S0a;,i;i::ir77XM                                              
 iZ: ;;72aX;7;r  ,   aMMM@88W8BM;.70aM7i  :r;;77r7r;;ZMMS                                           
 r   :.i;2B0027S;i,r;:aMWM@MMMZ, irS;XrX;S2Xrir7rrr;,7MMMW                                          
 r,,        iX;X227r72ZZM8Sa82X7riiiii7a8aX7r;2Z77r;i,7WMMMM                                        
.X  . ...   ;a7WZ7rX7r:,::;::,,ir7Xrraa7XZB0Z8SX;ii;;i;87WMMM                                       
ii:;   ;,::,7Sr.7XSXaSrrXri:X2ZBZ2802XW@ZaSZa;iXX;;X;r.;MXSSMM                                      
i .7r7    ;a0X  iSXSS7S8WZZZW0a80Z8W0MMMa77;r2XrSZ8aS7;.SBMMMM                                      
7 .Xr;;,,ii;0MB7;7a2i72a27X72aXSXSSS2Saa0aX22XX;i;rXr;;i,ZS8XBM                                     
   ;XZ0MM0X:Sar: ,87XZZSr2XSW22aSSrrSS72XaZX7;r7ii,ii;X;i@:aaBM,                                    
r     ;XZ8a202i :7,X2a;SX2a087W@0WMMWW080X;XSS2rSXX7XXr; MBS2XBMMW                                  
.  :   ,;28BBMMX, rZXXB0a8S72aB2rX2S77arXaar28Z8a8aa2rXr Zr7022ZZMM2                                
      ,.   :72;,:7X,:;XSX0S2SZ@ZXS;Z2XSZZ8S8MWWBZ22X77i;:BaZ20aSaW@M2                               
   X7, .,7;7i;,  i  :;rrrZMMMMMMWMW@W0MBMBWBBZXrri,i;;7r:ZaXaWZX2a8BMM                              
   .2S:;rXrr;:i .  .iS2rXr7200a2a800W0BS;i;rii,,,,::iiiriXSrS7aaS2S20MB                             
 .      ,r7r.,;.i. :r0X,7S:rXS27:2;:X;X8S7;irrriiiiii;ii,ariXa2a;X2SWMM                             
  .:r2ZZSiS. ,i,:.r,r7Xia8;82XaX;2r7i77XS7r7i:;77XXXX77;rZ8aXrXXZaS7Xr8M                            
 :. ;rX0M7    ,i ..,; i;7Z70XSZ2ZZZXS82rX;7ir2r7SS7rrXXS,X,:;iiXZSaSZ0ZMM                           
 , i20WZ;7S;riS     ;;:riXi27aaa222Z7XSX2X2X7;Xr;rri;ii;ii22aXiS7882;X2BMS                          
 rXS8ZaaS:  .;X:i:7.;i:ir2XS802WXrSaXSX7Z8X2aX:i:,i,;r7r;,Za8ZrX:SZ8X2ZZMM                          
  X7S2Z@MMMWW;iSrXSSZ@2XSXBSSi2228BZr;SS;:iS;i:;X;irX7;::; XZr222ZB0Sa2WWMMMM                       
   ;2a2SXX7rrrrS72SSBSraZ072Z0W0aZBMZZ0XX;aX MZSirXriii;;ri,7a7Xra0@8SSaS2W@WMMM                    
    rXXSa8aXSSa2SXZXr2SZXXS2XaSZZa02a2S0a8SX;Z2X;i:X777Xr,  aB0Xa@M8Sa72a0W@MWMMM;                  
   XrS0ZSXSZW87aB7a878aaaB00XZZB00SBaZ82ZSrr.7Zr7Sr;7S7rrXX7;. r7Z0@2XS777ZMMBBW88MMa               
       X: ;XX7aMMMM@BMXS2aZa882Za778M0SZSaZ08ZZZ0ZZ7r;i;i,r;iir:XMWWXXSaaS;SZB@8XZ@S;2S7ZW0WM@. M   
       72,ir7r7rBMMMMMWrX2a2ZZZ@M:XZ2XaX2ZZZZ8WW8X2rX;i,i:r:ZMMMZ; 2Z0X2a7S0W02ar2irZXS0WWWMMMBi :  
        MZrr2XXX;;BM@MMZrSZa2aXZ@ ZBXZ2a8228BBMZaZSrr;7;XMMMM8SX; ;a2aBa7r2W0X2rXS;772ZBMZZMMMB8B2  
          :2  ,ZrXrir;;77r;iZMMMM@W@B08W0@WWW2XXrrrr7S88MMMMZZ80WX0BX8B82BZXSX7S777B8MZXSaMWWMMMMM. 
            2Xaar:.a2rSX2aSWa  MMMM@W@@W@WBMBSaX228SaB;2X;:i:SBarMaZXa02SaZ80028MW0Z Z8SB22aB@MM    
               .2:,S;X2SrXXM    8MMMMM@W@@WM2X0:7:SSrB@8ZrrZBM22aW2S02WW0MW@2ZZiaMS2WMWWMMB7MM      
             .  S;  7Z8XSZZM      0MMMM@MMMaX7M8S:S:i,.:XMM08X88aW2;Z0@MWW8802BMMZ0B7Xa@WBMMM       
             :MMM .ZrZZ7SSaM        8MMMMMX7;iXZrSZ;7SBBW@7228BBZ88rZW0Z2arZZ@8a;SSW7BrWaMMM        
              MW77, :  7r;XM8          a7@i;rSS7i82BZMM@0,rZB@8W88BrXMa0Z0aW0MMaWB@BMZBZMMM         
              :;7S0, ,i;;XZBM            M72;SZ0i02ZZZr;:.BW@M8MW08X;MWWM@WMM82,BW XBaWMMM          
             :B22@0SSr2;irSSM            Ma8rSS0i7aSXS8ZS:WWMM0MWW02BMMMMMMa,,WrMM,.Mi8MM           
             S8SS2X20:. :;r;M            M00SBZMZ0a28ZBX.WM@MWMMMMMMMM028; .Z;araSMSMiaMB           
             WZZZSXS2;SS;rriM             MMZZX0a0ZZ2S7X7MMMMMMM8:::;777SiW0BSMa@280MBMM            
            ;  :XZB8Z@ZX2;27M              MM0aaZZBZ8MMMMMMMMMW  :r;iiiX8M@WM@2ZWZ@80MMB            
            a, .  , XXX;;:SrM               MMMMMMMMM0       iiXXXrrrri::7@M8Xai77@8,7M             
           .,  .i. .SZ77i.ZiM                              7aiS2X278X7rr;i,MB8M880Z7WrM             
          iM..:ii;ri: raXXrXM                              MMM;   rZ2XSSXr SM0ZBSMZ2M7M             
         MM7   :.  :,,XX2XX7M                               M7  S;r.  iZ8X MS7SaXM@0MMM7            
         M    .iZX0SXZiSaXraM                              7M  WM2BWZS :..XMMM0BX00;W8MM            
       ;,     :. :i;:Xrirr;W:                              ;MMZMZ80 rBiXZ7M  MMar8;7X2B0M           
      M .;rX;: i72a,ar2a;S:M;                                 rMMM. iX MMW   MaSiZM2.WXBa@          
     M0 ;2@8:,,i;,,7XX.i77SM                                   MMMMr.;iMM    MMiS2MMBXaXZMM         
    Mi  .::   , ::       ,MM                                      MMMMMM2     MaZ7SW8M@MMMMM        
    , S0S i,iX.: .r 2i,  SM                                                   WM8WZBZ02ZMMMMM       
     2MM  i7SX28ZiS;S,Z:MM                                                     MMMM@i2a0;Xa0MM      
      8    X2ri:Zar ,;@MM                                                       MMMMaaZZa 7a78M     
      2   .. ..,;aSXSBS                                                           07;XXiSSi;a0M 


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