I went to a funeral today. I hate funerals... but that's not to the point. Neither is the fact that the deceased didn't drink - so it was a dry wake. In my judeo-anglo-celtic tradition, I have made up for that. OK.. down to business.

When people I know and/or loved die, I get a sense of whether the world is a richer or poorer place for it. If I decide the world has benefitted from their parting, I have the common decency not to attend the celebration of their passing, because I would be celebrating the wrong thing.

Today, I had a sense that the world was a much poorer place for Bill's passing. But that sensation was quickly followed by a quick kick to the back of my spiritual bottom...
The world, had Bill never existed would now be a much poorer place. His passing has barely dented the amount of good stuff he brought to the world. And he has passed it on to so many around the world, include Australia, Nepal and Vietnam.

I hope that I some of his wisdom will remain in my own soul. I hope that my legacy will be greater than me.

Wandering across the skies,

a thousand miles,

the feather of a dead bird,

led by nothing, but lewd.

Struck by a thunderstorm

fell to the ground like a worm,

like a newborn from the mother's womb,

close to an old king's tomb,

with a vision so blur,

can only see her,

it never did hurt,

found it so absurd,

to have left with nothing but the quill,

nothing able to deliver the final kill.

but when it tears apart your heart

leaving behind a scar,

you realise you are in love with the warmth of the earth.

I study in a place named after an old king.

Today, after TheManWho posted a link to a blog entry which offered an obit for Everything2, by someone who seems to have been active on the site at some point (or at least has taken their time to explore it to some degree), I had to think for a second.

... And then I started writing...

Hi there,

I'm one of the 'content editors' on Everything2 (but I'm writing this entirely from a personal perspective), and I can't say I agree entirely with your obit.

E2 started off as some sort of a competitor to Wikipedia - I have no idea which of the sites started first, and I don't particularly care, but I do know that, when I started hanging out on E2, both were small, fledgling sites.

Wikipedia developed in one direction, and E2 developed in another. I would probably say that comparing them no longer makes any sense, but using both does - especially if you are a writer who is passionate about things.

As a journalist, I've learned a lot from E2, as a writer, I've developed a lot through E2, and as a person, I've changed a lot because of E2. All of this is for different reasons, but mostly because of the people - an aspect that you don't find very often - and certainly not to this degree - on other web-sites.

Sure, E2 may be developing rapidly in a direction which means it chooses its users - rather like the old joke that 'Linux is user-friendly, it is just selective about who its friends are'. I don't necessarily see a problem with this. With writers on E2 spanning a vast diversity such as IceOwl, The_Debutante, Wertperch and Dann, there is always something worth reading, worth learning about, and worth growing passionate about.

You also touch upon one of the great features of E2 - the soft links. It initially started off as a way of tying arbitrary nodes together in a mind-hive type of way, but it has grown to become a truly marvellous way to research connections between writings, writing styles, topics, etc. When you finish reading a Node (i.e a page filled with writeups), you have a series of choices on 'where to go from here'. For a bored afternoon of exploration, you can't get much better.

Your argument, essentially, says that a local pub loses its appeal when a series of bigger, more modern bars and clubs open on a street. The analogy works, but there will always be people who prefer to come home to a place where 'everybody knows your name', where you have to earn your right to talk bollocks, and where respect doesn't come easily.

I agree it isn't for everybody, but I have yet to find a Noder (someone who is active on E2) who isn't a facinating individual.

Horses for courses, but I'll stick to E2 for now, and for the foreseeable future.

- SharQ

As it turns out, my response reflects pretty closely how I feel about E2, both in the past, and right now, so I figured it made sense to protect it from obscurity the only place I know it's safe... On E2.

celerity and celery are different

among other things...

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