After perusing the website for the The Matrix movies, located at, I've found some fun easter eggs that true Matrix fans will enjoy.

I actually discovered this by decompiling a Flash applet on the website using SoThink SWF Decompiler (check the node, it's a nifty tool). Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Follow these steps:

Go to

Enter the High Bandwidth version

Click on "Breaking News"

See that Flash menu at the top of the page?
Click on the little yellow button on the right. A little sliding menu will pop out.

Click the unmarked gray square in the right-middle of this pop-out menu twice. The menu will change to an "Access Panel". Click to open it. Update: They've made this square easier to see so people less observant than me will take notice. Kind of spoils the fun...

If you peruse the Breaking News blog from the very beginning and scroll your mouse over the text, some binary numbers and hexadecimal numbers are visible. Some are even covertly hidden with black-on-black text, so drag the cursor over the text to see it.

But I'll give it all away so you can see the easter eggs.

The binary access code is 01101111

From there, the menu will change once again for you to enter hexadecimal numbers. I'm not going to tell you exactly which buttons to push, since there's instructions on how to enter the hexadecimal numbers right in front of you at this point.

Hexidecimal access codes that I know of thus far:

0x98765432 - For the "Ultra" sized version of the trailer for The Matrix Reloaded. It's DVD-quality size, very cool.

0xA3B1A428 - For a free "game" of sorts where you get to put together a virtual plastic model of the Nebuchadrezzar. The game is available in Windows and Macintosh versions, and requires a fast computer with a good graphics card.

0x19A642BF - P.O.D behind the scenes

0x8E217AC9 - A really neat interface for looking at the soundtrack lyrics.

0x1DDF2556 - Data not yet online, however the filename is game_code.html... possibly cheats for the Enter the Matrix game coming soon.

0xD53D49F9 - Unloco- Bruises music video

0xA8C3F9AD - Deftones-Historical segment

0x64CF29E3 - P.O.D.: behind the scenes 2

0x43E17AC9 - The Making of the Soundtrack

0x8D966F2A - P.O.D. Interview

0xC1B49F13 - P.O.D. lyrics

0xD487A317 - About "The Animatrix: Detective Story"

0xF03350B1 - Hugh Bateup (Supervising Art Director)interview

0x0081CF5E - John Gaeta (visual Effects Supervisor) interview

0xEC306071 - QuickTime VR: Oracle Kitchen

0x098CA701 - New wallpaper

0xCC883300 - Test key

More to come as I discover them!

Thanks to thinkninja for many new keys!

There is also a second "hidden" section on The Matrix website originating from the release of the first movie, called Hack The Matrix. You simply enter a word, hit enter and you get some hidden content.

To get to the Hack The Matrix feature simply follow these instructions:

  1. Go to (this is the same as
  2. Enter any version of the site (High Bandwidth looks nicest)
  3. Look in the top right corner of the screen. Theres a little square with what appears to be a little Space Invader in it. Hover your mouse over it. The words "Input Code" will appear. Click this little button
  4. A new window will pop-up with a text box and a button called "Input"
  5. Type your special password into this box

There are many passwords for this feature. Some are found in The Matrix products, others at and some arent published anywhere. For example the password "Steak" appears in the films credits. So to give you a little help heres all the codes I've found so far:

Now go Have Fun Hacking The Matrix. Just watch out for agents..

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