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General Information:

The SeaMaster is a yacht designed for the work of blakexpeditions, an organisation begun by the late Sir Peter Blake which investigates the impact of global warming and other environmental issues, and is supported by the United Nations. She was designed by a pair of French naval architects, Luc Bouvet and Olivier Petit, and is powerful enough to cut through relatively dense ice fields.

SeaMaster has a rounded reinforced aluminium hull which allows her to function as an ice-breaker ship, as her design prevents her from being crushed by ice pack pressure. Specific features of SeaMaster allow her to sail close to shorelines - a shallow draft, a set of retractable centerboards, tunnel mounted propellers and a retractable rudder. Aside from the ability to sail close to shorelines, she can also sail close to ice (or through it), and when pressed into an extreme situation, she can actually sit on top of ice!

Visibility is not a problem for the crew of SeaMaster, as there is a 25 meter high crows nest which allows a panoramic view of her surroundings. She has an extensive power-only range of approximately 10,000 nautical miles, and is also quick under sail. A 10 metre beam provides a roomy and stable working area for her expedition crew.


SeaMaster is a schooner with two 27 metre masts.
She has a length of 36 metres, and a beam of 10 metres.
She is constructed from 16mm and 25mm aluminium which allow work in polar conditions, and has two retractable centreboards.

SeaMaster has an impressive sail area of 400 metres square, and is also powers by two MWM 350hp main engines (with tunnel mounted propellers).

Power is supplied by two MWM 22kW (220V) generators, and her under-power range is 10,000 nautical miles. A desalinator unit provides fresh water.


Skipper - Sir Peter Blake (he has not been replaced yet, following last year's tragedy on board SeaMaster in the Amazon river, where he was murdered whilst trying to defend the ship against pirates)
Communications - Don Robertson
First Mate and Dive Master - Errol Olphert
Engineer, Deckhand and Diver - Jean Prat
Deckhand and Diver - Alistair Moore
Diver and Researcher - Marc Lonergan


2000 - South America via Auckland, Campbell & Antipodes Islands.
2001 - Antarctic Peninsula, South America, Amazon River.
2002 - Amazon River, Bermuda, Greenland, Baffin Island, Lancaster Sound.
2003 - North West Passage...

Information Source: blakexpeditions.com
A daily SeaMaster log (and log archive) is availiable on the above site.
In memory of Sir Peter, a great man...

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