One of the many audience participation lines one can yell in the long pause during The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tim Curry sings the following line to Brad and Janet during his grand entrance:

So come up to the lab
and see what's on the slab
I see you shiver with antici


And during that long pause, there may be an eerie silence (otherwise unheard of at a RHPS), in which someone will finally yell, in an orgasmically throaty voice, "SAY IT!". Another well-known retort is this: "This movie would completely suck without audience partici--", where Tim Curry finishes the sentence for you.

As possibly the best-known audience response to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, as described above by Jurph, "Say It!" became the title of a special double-record/CD release of the movie soundtrack which included audience participation on the sound mix.

Originally released in a 1987 limited edition boxed set of Rocky Horror soundtrack discs, "Say It!" was hard to come by until it was released separately in 1994.

For the video virgin, "Say It!" is one of several ways to understand the audience participation concept before seeing the movie with a live cast. It should be noted that any viewing of Rocky Horror outside of a theater is considered masturbation -- for someone to listen to this album having never seen the movie is even more despicable.

The recording was made in 1983 at the home of the New York City Rocky Horror cast, arguably the only cast that doesn't need a name, the 8th Street Playhouse. There is an introduction by RHPS fan club president, Sal Piro -- an introduction which should seem quite familiar to anyone who has seen a show or convention attended by Piro. What follows is the soundtrack of the movie, complete with songs, combined with shouted responses by the audience.

The print of the movie played that evening was the original US mono release, which is 95 minutes long and does not include "Superheroes" or the reprise of the title sequence number "Science Fiction/Double Feature." Because of the different speed of film -- including the various soundtrack releases1 -- and video, it is virtually impossible to play this album in synch with any existing copy of the movie.

The major drawback of the album is that it was recorded in 1983 and thus, as most Rocky audience members can attest to, the lines used on the recording are particularly dated.

1 A discussion of the various soundtrack releases of the film is more complicated than can be covered here. See Cosmo's Factory (, the definitive Rocky Horror fan site, for more information, or ask your nearest RHPS zealot.

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