The Concept

In the past, E2 prosewriters have not infrequently banded together to produce collaborative pieces, frequently with great results.  Well-known examples of such collaboration include Walking Man, City of Souls I, and Briefcase Full of Souls - Part I.  However, given there has been a while since the last such effort, it seems time to wrangle together the storytellers of E2 to present a new collaboration: Roadtrip.

Roadtrip will be a cycle of twelve stories, each by a different noder, beginning with myself (Posmella).  In the great tradition of storytelling, Roadtrip will feature best friends (a guy and a girl) crossing some fictional countryside in a car, and following a classic story arc involving a crisis (or crises) and finally resolution.  What happens in between - who they meet, where they go, what they do - is up to the individual writer, within some prescribed limits.


Tell me more about this story arc, please?

Since you asked, the twelve sections of story arc will go in this order:

  1. Scene-setting (Posmella)
  2. Settling into the trip (StuartO)))) (Backup)
  3. First discoveries - the characters discover something or meet someone (etouffee) (Backup)
  4. A change in plans - something causes the characters to veer off their planned track (Uberbanana) (Backup)
  5. Something goes wrong (decoy hunches) (Backup)
  6. A new acquaintance helps out, then joins the trip (Montag) (Backup)
  7. Something unexpected, but good, occurs (Eniteris) (Backup)
  8. Tensions mount and someone leaves (BookReader) (Backup)
  9. The trip continues (BillD - reserved spot) (Mouq)
  10. Things start falling apart (mauler) (Backup)
  11. Crisis! (Evil Catullus) (Backup)
  12. Resolution, and maybe some lessons learnt (IWhoSawTheFace) (Backup)


What about writing rules and timing?  (Seriously, READ THIS BIT if you're planning on signing up.  Yes, all of it.  I'm watching you.  On my many, many small cameras.)

In order to ensure that a) people aren't massively delayed, or b) the story doesn't get finished, there are a few rules.  Once I tell you to start writing (also keep an eye on progress so you can see when your part is coming closer), you have one week to submit.  There are no exceptions.  If you fail to submit within this time, or otherwise pull out (please msg Posmella as early as possible if this occurs), the Backup Author will be tapped to fill in the node.  The Backup Author has three days to submit, to keep things moving.  A day begins at midnight, server time, and the project overall begins when I post segment 1.

Within the general scope of your segment of the story arc (which will last for two weeks in character time), you are basically free to do what you want.  Try not to introduce too many new characters, unless they're people met in passing.  If you choose to invite someone into the car for a bit, liaise with the next author to see whether or not they want the new character to stay in the car (the only exception is at 6, where it is mandatory to have a new person in the car leading into 7).  All segments should remain in the same node title (this, incidentally, means that once you have written a segment you will become ineligible to be a Backup Author).

It is permissible to injure the characters (although if you want to kill one of the main ones, please check with Posmella first), make them fall in love, make them fall out, get them arrested - pretty much anything goes.  However, please write tastefully, particularly if you are going to involve sex or violence (nothing worse than a M-rating, please!).

Nodes should be as long as they need to be (probably in the 500-2,000 word range, but as with all good rules, feel free to break this if your story requires you to do so!).

The only other rules are: ensure that there is a sufficient segue between segments (each segment should end with the characters driving, unless otherwise arranged with the next author), and have fun!


Oooh!  Oooh!  Pick me!

Great attitude!  This is an open-invite storytelling quest.  Even if you're not traditionally a story-telling noder, you're very welcome, and indeed encouraged, to get involved.  All you have to do is msg me (Posmella) with the segment number(s) you'd like to complete, and whether you'd like to be a primary or backup author.  If you're not very confident, feel free to volunteer as a Backup Author either generally or specifically (however, as you only get tapped if someone doesn't complete in time, you may not get the chance to be involved).

When msging to join, please indicate which parts of the story you would most like to write, and I will try to accommodate you on a first-in, first-served, basis.  However, all segment allocations are ultimately at my discretion (otherwise this won't work!).


Aren't you forgetting something?

This would hardly be a collaborative effort if it didn't involve some reward!  In addition to fame/notoriety/writing groupies (unlikely), you will get an upvote and C! from me for participating.  Mauler has kindly volunteered to give prizes - 700 GP for your efforts (thanks!).

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