As the title of the node says, Rancid_Pickle is the standard by which all other noders should be judged. Since day one for me here at E2, I have noticed Rancid_Pickle. Whether it be in the Chatterbox, or anticipating an appearance from him in the New Writeups, he has always commanded my utmost respect as a noder.

At any given moment, take the time to travel to Rancid_Pickle's home node. Once there, you will find a picture of the cute girl he is stalking. You can see that he is an E2 Editor, and has an interest in mysterious hardware and drums. You can also see that he has an impressive list of E2 Prose Artists. Among the list are some of the other highly reputable users of Everything.

Take the time to look at the content of his nodes, and prepare to be awed. His impressive collection of nodes range from the recent node about Gay Day at the San Diego Zoo, to nodes about: bowtie, MS-DOS prompt, Heat Exhaustion, and The Art of Conversation. His nodes, with range well over the one thousand mark, are all of the utmost quality. Hell, even his daylogs are well worth the reading time.

All praise Rancid_Pickle

/me bows before Rancid_Pickle

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