Nong Khai, is both a city and a province in North-eastern Thailand, or Issan Thailand. Nong Khai located on the Mekong River, which defines the border with Laos. Approximately 24 kilometres from the capital of Laos, Vientiane (pronounced Wien Jan).

Located in Nong Khai, is the Thai Lao Friendship Bridge (or Lao Thai Friendship Bridge, depends upon your bias). The bridge was constructed by three parties, Thailand, Laos and Australia. Foreigners are able to cross to Lao, with the cost of a $30USD visa. Thailand and Lao have been developing friendly relations, it is generally unnecessary for Thai citizens to have a visa to cross.

Nong Khai, is also famous for its international market. Products from Laos, China and Vietnam can all be purchased here. Quite often these products are cheaper to buy in Nong Khai than in Vientiane itself...

The Serpent’s Fire, is an event that occurs every year. On the last day of Buddhist Lent, balls of “plasma”, float out of the water in the river, and shoot upwards into the sky. So far no one has been able to prove as the actual cause to this phenomenon. If you don’t believe it you should go see for yourself, I definitely did.

There are several beautiful parks such as the Sculpture Park. The strange circle in the south-eastern corner of this odd garden is a diagram of the Wheel of Life. Then there’s also the must see Historical Park. Plus many others.

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