It started off kind of rough. moxie and I set out for NYC a half hour late, only to get pulled over 15 minutes away from home. Fortunately, I received only a warning, and we sped through Connecticut to the intense traffic of the night. A planned arrival at 7 slipped to 7:30, then to 8, when we finally decided to find a parking spot 4 blocks from the Hammerstein. We caught up with some dirtylisters, then some MORE dirties (including my good friend Erin, who was putting me up for the night), and soon enough we found noders at the diner, who had been hanging there for an hour. perdedor, Chiisuta, Walter. crux, and wick were sitting at a booth near the window. moxie spots them and runs in to hug Chiisuta, while I attempt to keep up. We introduce ourselves and I call up waterhouse so we can all catch up. waterhouse arrives and so does a cheeseburger for the lovely Ms. moxie, which I share. Eventually, I receive a call from some dirties on their way from New Hampshire. They've just arrived and they need to store stuff in my car. I find them then tell Erin where I can be found.

On the way to the car, these new dirties (Josh and Mike) tell me all the news I've missed in the years I haven't seen them, and also about the vodka in their bags, and the scary bus journey. On our way back, we find that the doors have opened EARLY and everyone we know is already inside. We head in as well, and found all the noders at the show. (well, actually wick vanished! we'll hang out again soon enough). The Custodian was easy to spot, being taller than almost anyone there. moxie, erin, and I stuck around him in the back for the show.

mmm skyscraper...i love you
This was my first time hearing this song live. It's about freaking time too! The usual tomato video mixing was notoriously absent, replaced by a less impressive display but some excellent lighting. I'll get into this later. Skyscraper sounded mostly like the album version.
Cowgirl starts off with the usual arpeggiated fifth, and at the end segues into Rez as usual, but some great harmonization was worked in there that I haven't heard before. A+
Two Months Off
Mostly like the album, minor tweaking of intro and added cymbal crashes, still excellent.
Dinosaur Adventure 3D
Fantastic! It felt like it went on forever, taking the torch from King of Snake as wildest uw bassline-crazy crowd-frenzied live shit ever.
Verbatim from the album. Boring.
Extended version with a LOT of Karl jamming on his tomato-fied guitar. Heavenly
dirty epic
This is another tune not played often enough in a concert setting. Rick took things a little slower than on the album. It was kind of strange singing along with about 5 other people to the song that got us all hooked on techno in the first place.
dark train
Fantastic as usual. This track was accompanied by one the coolest lighting effects I have ever seen. All it took was a laser and a smoke machine. If the laser scans fast enough to make a near-solid cone or plane and then shines it through the smoke, it looks REALLY COOL!
king of snake
This one is mostly a blur. They started right with the beat instead of the shudder bit, but other than that I honestly can't remember.
Mo Move / river of bass
As Karl does sometimes, he sang the lyrics to the wrong song. (Probably on purpose, and it sounded right.) Mo Move was extra-long and instrumental, then morphed into this uncharacteristic slam-fest with lyrics. Impressive.
born slippy.NUXX
Yeah, holy shit to that one. Manic.
Push Upstairs
Nice bassline, but I don't really like the song anyway!
pearl's girl
Yow. Amazingly good AGAIN.
Um, just look at Chihuahua Grub's writeup for that one. He understands.
High points
Energetic crowd, not too loud, no Bruce Lee, fantastic renditions of born slippy.NUXX, Moaner, Rez, and Twist.
Low points
Too much of an energetic crowd. Expensive drinks. Jumbo doesn't work well in a live setting. CAN'T SEE CAUSE I'M SHORT

After the show, moxie caught a ride home with my school friends who also came down. Too bad she missed the rest of the weekend. :(

I never found the other noders after the show. The Custodian went straight home, as did wick, and waterhouse who hopefully went home with that girl he was hoping on ;) The huge mass of dirties collected around our man with the signs (Yes, we had signs taped up that said "DIRTY.ORG WE ARE HERE") Some people left to go home, or to catch Oliver Ho at GrooveJet. the rest of went to the stage door to hopefully catch the band and some autographs or something. I went to my car to move it to a non-ticketable location and to retrieve my friends' bags. Once that was done, we waited a little longer, then decided to hit a bar. Erin picked one near her dorm. I went to get cash and when I got inside Gene was sitting there. We eventually spent a couple hours in some random place drinking beer and the vodka Josh had stuffed away. The bar's jukebox played born slippy at some point, which was odd. We split up to sleep (three with Erin, two with Gene).

In the morning, Erin made us pancakes and coffee. She rules. Afterwards, we caught up with Gene, who took Erin's other two guests record shopping. Erin and I then went to Industrial Plastics to await the bridgewalking noders: Chris-O, LadySun, gloinson, and their non-noder friend Charles, plus Walter, Chiisuta, and Crux who we'd seen already. We hung around at Industrial Plastics, watching people lose at the shell game and three card monty until we all got hungry enough to follow Charles to a very nice, quiet Chinese restaurant with really good roast pork (with skin!) From there we got some ice cream (as Erin left to go study) at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (regular flavors: red bean, lychee, etc. exotic flavors: chocolate, vanilla) and then some weird Asian candy, until finally parting ways. I got to my car, noted that there was neither damage nor ticket, and counted myself lucky.

On the way home, I listened to a fantastic interview with Blaze on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge.


UPDATE All showgoers will meet Friday night at 7PM at the Tick Tock Diner if possible. The Tick Tock is on 481 Eighth Avenue, about a block from the venue. Please give phone numbers to mkb so we can amass a trouble-causing crew.

Underworld, one of the finest live techno acts ever, is performing at The Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Friday, October 18th at 9:00 PM. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster outlets.

My hope and dream is to stay in the city for the entire weekend, or at least a good portion of it. I'm bringing other noders with me, so this counts as a gathering or some shit. Who wants to go? /msg mkb if you want in.

    So far, from New England:
  • me (Rhode Island) HAS HIS TICKET!
  • moxie (Rhode Island) HAS HER TICKET!
  • The Custodian (Boston) HAS HIS TICKETS!
  • FoxtrotJuliet (southwestern CT) working
  • RubyTerry (RI) leaving after show
  • 2-4 non noders
    From NYC and parts south
  • waterhouse HAS HIS TICKET! leaving us after the show to mack on some girl
  • Templeton (Greencastle, Pennsylvania)
  • emko (NJ) has offered to put people if necessary
  • yossarian (NYC) not going to the show but is interested in hanging out after
  • Chiisuta (NYC) has offered her foldout couch to any outsiders.
  • Walter (NYC)
  • Crux (Westchester) can't afford it :(
  • some non-noders from down there

Tickets are at Ticketmaster or the Hammerstein Ballroom box office.

The Hammerstein is at the intersection of 34th Street and 8th Avenue, close to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Madison Square Garden. A PATH station is nearby, as well as Penn Station.


Carpooling and a possible convoy looks like the answer for the northeast noders. The Custodian says he will probably take an Acela down early on Friday to make things easier. I will be making a rendezvous with dirtylisters either inside the performance or just outside. More details will arrive when more people sign up.


Hotels in NYC are EXPENSIVE. Hostels aren't, though. Check this link:

Even more information

Dirtylisters in the Northeast US have a regional mailing list which is full of this stuff.
I've also set up a web page for concert-specific information.

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