Maps in a Mirror is a "definitive collection of short fiction" by acclaimed author Orson Scott Card. This collection is divided into five books, with a lot of auto-biography in the mix:

The Hanged Man (Tales of Dread)
Introduction (Explanation of 'dread')
Eumenides in the Fourth Floor Lavatory (Story about a manifestation of guilt)
Quietus (Story about letting go)
Deep Breathing Exercises (Psycho-thriller)
Fat Farm (Exploration of cloning, morals and human rights)
Closing the Timelid (Poignant sci-fi)
Freeway Games (Freeway deaths, reminiscent of Dean Koontz)
A Sepulchre of Songs (Thought-provoking story of a girl and an alien)
Prior Restraint (Quirky thought about censoring)
The Changed Man and the King of Words (Sad story of the death of a family, with classical links)
Memories of My Head (Different, suicide story)
Lost Boys (Written as auto-bio, but fiction)
Afterword (Explanation of above stories)

Flux (Tales of Human Features)
Introduction (Auto-bio about why he writes sci-fi)
A Thousand Deaths (Futuristic Cold War, looking at torture and morals)
Clap Hands and Sing (Time manipulation)
Dogwalker (Quasi Cyber-Punk, hacking)
But We Try Not to Act Like It (Government regulations and control)
I Put My Blue Genes On (Returning to Earth from colonies after biological warfare)
In the Doghouse (in conjunction with Jay A. Parry); (Aliens appearing as forms we know)
The Originist (Interesting look at humanity from Isaac Asmiov's Foundation world)
Afterword (Explanation)

Maps in a Mirror (Fables and Fantasies)
Introduction (Explanation of fantasy)
Unaccompanied Sonata (Beautiful story of life with its pleasures taken away from people and government manipulation)
A Cross-Country Trip to Kill Richard Nixon (Story of forgiveness)
The Porcelain Salamander (Beautiful story of love and loss)
Middle Woman ('Chinese' fable of satisfaction with life)
The Bully and the Beast (Tale of a man, a princess, a power-hungry count and a dragon, with a twist)
The Princess and the Bear (Human change and greed)
Sandmagic (Effects of early hatred and the devastation it can cause, with a little magic thrown in as well)
The Best Day (Truths of life)
A Plague of Butterflies (Reminiscent of Mervyn Peake, strange fantasy, but interesting)
The Monkeys Though Twas All in Fun (A Trojan Colony)
Afterword (Explanation)

Cruel Miracles (Tales of Death, Hope and Holiness)
Introduction (Explanation of religious stories)
Mortal Gods (Aliens, Humans, Beginnings and Endings)
Saving Grace (Faith Healers, and amazing faith)
Eye for Eye (Inherited powers and an obsessive, inbred sect)
St. Amy's Tale (Erasing the traces of life)
Kingsmeat (Cannibalism, and sacrificing people to save them)
Holy (Struggle to survive in an alien culture and to perform a ritual of death)
Afterword (Explanation)

Long Songs (The Hidden Stories)
Introduction (Explanation about stories)
Ender's Game (Original short story of the novel)
Mikal's Songbird (Original short story of the novel 'Songmaster')
Prentice Alvin and the No-Good Plow (Poetic Epic Saga of Alvin Maker)
Malpractice (Look at illegal transplants)
Follower (A 'dangerous' boy, a dog and a conspiracy)
Hitching (The motives of a pair of 'violent' hitchhiking boys)
Damn Fine Novel (Circular story of writing a story)
Billy's Box (Story of the young and imagination)
The Best Family Home Evening Ever (Perspective on family forgiveness and tolerance)
Bicicleta (Based on a true story of a young Brazilian boy learning to ride a bike)
I Think Mom and Dad Are Going Crazy, Jerry (Growing up, family relations and materialistic wants of teens)
Gert Fram (A child living through another imaginary life as a famous novelist, based on a true story)
Afterword (Explanation)

Maps in a Mirror explores all corners of humanity and moral issues. It is a delight to read, although some stories are better than others. Most definitely worth seeking at a local library or bookstore, and a truly definitive collection of short fiction. There's something for everyone.

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