I honestly don't know how I got there. Maybe I saw it on bud.com or something. But it was a deer in headlights kind of experience. For about two hours, I was suddenly rendered incapable of doing any work or looking away from the screen. All I could do was read and try to convince myself I was not suddenly having another monster acid flashback. Perhaps no other work of art has ever done that to me before.

For hours afterwards I was kind of in disbelief. I go back and look at it regularly to make sure it's still there, and hasn't disappeared, like a ghost, into the ether. I only hope someone's archiving everything these guys do, because it's pure unadulterated skull-fucking genius.


It's a kind of cartoon - with little sets and poseable plastic figurines and photography and photoshop art. Except that it's deeply funny and profane and sick. Fiercely esoteric. And whip smart. Click on the book for contents. I especially recommend The Dog Messiah. Maybe because it's the first one I read. I haven't found anything bad or even mediocre yet, though...

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