Lal is a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation played by Hallie Todd. Her name is Hindi for beloved.

After attending a cybernetics conference in 2366, Data constructed a Soong-type android based on his programming and design with a few improvements such as a more natural appearance. Her programming quickly began to surpass Data's as she was able to experience emotions such as fear and love and use contractions. In order for her to explore these emotions and human behavior in general, Guinan permitted Lal to work in Ten-Forward.

After Captain Picard notified Starfleet of Data's experiment, Admiral Haftel ordered Data to give Lal to the Daystrom Institute annex even though Data felt that he should care for his own child. After expressing her own wishes to stay on the Enterprise and learn all she could there, Lal experienced a fatal cascadal system-wide failure after experiencing a surge of emotions. Even though Haftel tried to help Data repair Lal, they still were unable to repair her positronic pathways and she shut down. In order to preserve her experiences, Data transferred Lal's memories to his own brain.

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