A Kelpie can appear as a horse or a woman, always slightly strange - weeds hanging from them, awfully wet, green tinge etc. If the horse is mounted, or the woman seduced, the poor soul is dragged to the Kelpies home and drowned. If an escape is made, the Kelpie will chase the victim down, and then drown them. However, a kelpie cannot cross running water

The Kelpie is also a breed of sheep dog from Australia.

Like all sheep dogs, Kelpies have a reputation for intelligence, obedience and hard work. They are generally very friendly, although like every breed of dog they have been known to occasionally attack small children.

The common ancestor of the breed was born in the State of Victoria at Hanging Rock and Woolengongh (sheep) Stations in the 1870s, less than a hundred kilometres northwest of Melbourne. Daughter of a mongrel bitch named Kelpie, (the owners were of Scottish origin) who was part Border Collie, and a dog of undetermined origins, she was named King's Kelpie. She achieved great fame as a sheep dog, winning many trials, and was mated with a "smooth-haired, black, prick eared dog called Moss". As a result of the fame of their mother, the puppies, known at first as "Kelpie's pups", proved very popular.

It is unknown if there is Dingo in the Kelpie's ancestry, however many think it likely due to the Kelpie's appearance and suitability to Australian conditions. Of course, this is not hard evidence by any means.

Kelpies are of medium size and have sharp, erect ears, a pointed snout, short to medium-length fur and a long, brushy tail.

From my experience, Kelpies generally have gold, reddish-brown or black fur. Black Kelpies are often known as Barbs, after the original dog of this colour although this term is less common now. Kelpies which are to be shown must be "black, black and tan, red, red and tan, fawn, chocolate, (or) smoke blue"

Kelpies are still widely used as sheep dogs and are often kept as family pets due to their generally docile nature.

Breed and show info from http://www.wwwins.net.au/dog/kelpie.html

Kel"pie, Kel"py, n.; pl. Kelpies (#). [Cf. Gael. cailpeach, calpach, colpach, a heifer, steer, colt, colpa a cow or horse.] Scotch Myth.

An imaginary spirit of the waters, horselike in form, vulgarly believed to warn, by preternatural noises and lights, those who are to be drowned.


© Webster 1913.

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