'Internet Database Connector technology' - one half of Microsoft's HTML generating / CGI-like solution, along with HTX templates.

As far as I can see they are SQL queries with some other stuff, like path of the HTX template, in the headers.

IDC/HTX is now officially discontinued by MS in favour of ASP/COM/DCOM/.NET/OLE/OCX/ID10T/FOAD.

Insulation Displacement Connector.

Used with high frequency in regard to modular cable terminators on computer and network cables. The connector used to interface the cable with other equipment (be it an additional cable or some form of communication device/bus) is attached by penetrating the plastic insulation around the individual conductors which make up the cable.

IDE, SCSI, and most RJ (e.g. RJ-45, RJ-11, RJ-12) cables are good examples of copper wiring which have modular connectors on the end which are attached via pins which puncture the insulation. The conductors in each wire are not individually stripped and connected to terminals; instead the entire assembly is attached with one crimp, causing the connector to imbed itself properly.

IDCs are also used for premise telephone and network cabling (e.g. Type 66 and Type 110 connections).

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