I know that cases of mistaken identity aren't all that rare in larger schools, namely colleges and universities, but an incident that I had yesterday blew me away. I had to go to school about an hour earlier than when my first class started in order to write an English paper, and as it would happen, I ended up walking behind my calculus teacher as I went into the building. I had a question about the homework, so I figured I could just go ahead and ask her when she got to her office. About a minute after she got settled into her office, I walked to the door and asked to come on in. Agreeing, she made the statement, "I haven't seen you for a while." To be short, I was perplexed; I'm one of those super-responsible people who never misses a day of class (even the day when the attendance rate was at 1/3 the usual due to ice on the highways), so it shocked me to hear this. I replied, "What do you mean? I just saw you in class yesterday." She looked at me, somewhat startled and plainly said, "Well, you just don't show up to class that often." This got me worried. In addition to never having missed a class, being one of two people to get a perfect score on the first test, and generally sitting in the front of the room, I am in a calculus II class of thirteen students. I tried to clear my name, "I'm not sure what you mean. I've never missed a day of college." She started to laugh a bit--a nervous laugh of superiority, as if I were trying to trick her--"Oh! That's not true at all!" The only thing I could think to say was, "I don't think I am who you think I am." She seemed concerned and blurted out, "You're Greg, right?" This... was humorous. Greg is the name of the student in my class who never shows up and has somehow managed to get into the class with less than a required C. "I'm not Greg, I'm Chad," was what I uttered, and she stared at me. It was a stare unlike any other stare I had ever received. It was slack-jawed and awe-filled at the same time; for a moment, I believed quite possibly that I could have transformed into Christ or had the Virgin of Guadalupe appear on my chest. She fumbled with words, trying to regain ground, but it was too late; she was so far gone in her fantasy that she was finally going to thrash the little bastard who was always skipping class that she didn't have a backup plan just in case I wasn't Greg. Things haven't been quite right since then.

See also: mindfuck

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