A logical fallacy in induction where an analogy is used beyond the point where it breaks down. Any analogy has this potential problem, so be careful.

Example: "The brain is like a computer, so an operation to implant RAM into my brain will give me more memory."

To prove the False Analogy, show that the objects in the analogy are different in such a way that causes it to break down.

Occurs when two things that are not truly similar are compared as if they were the same.

A popular idiom used to indicate a false analogy is the term "Comparing apples and oranges".

Here is an excellent example I found: "Employees are like nails. Just as nails must be hit in the head in order to make them work, so must employees."

When you think too much, your mind can become startlingly literal. Everything must have a physical analogy, so you'll spend a lot of 'study time' trying to think one up.

I have a... friend that I know is going nowhere after school. She smokes pot, drinks regularly, and is hardly ever at school, so none of her exams are above 50%. Then she goes on to mope about her miserable life and if she could go back and change everything, she would.

She's 15. I see where her long-lived life experiences make her reminsce on the past.

But seriously. You say that shit when you're 40. She has an entire life that she thinks is already over, and at this rate, it will be unless she gets her act together.

Ah, yes. My analogy. Well this is what I came up with in 40 minutes..

I am like a bouncy ball.
I am bright. Colourful.
People like me. I am squishy and full of potential.
I'm fun to play with, and I don't bore others very much.
And when I fall, I bounce right back up again.
My life is awesome.

You are like a rock.
You're dull, and cynical and... grey.
You hurt people when you lie around on the floor and they fall over you.
You're not much fun for throwing around.
And when you fall, you just skid aimlessly on the floor.
The only way you move is if someone kicks you.
Your life kinda sucks.

So smile, and remember the good things in life. Nothing's over unti you say it is. If you're 15, or 50, it doesn't matter. Life doesn't end just yet.

So my message today..

Why be BORING when you can take out the R and be BOING!


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