It starts with a touch.

The touch pulses.

The pulse beats.



Then a spark to bone-dry underbrush.

Then a word to a riot-verging crowd.

Then a hammer strikes a crystal ball.

And all that's left is the price of the ticket.

Or as defined by Svaha...

Muscles contract.
The universe aligns. Angels sing.
Wet. Wetter. Union.
The Self disintergrates into millions of pulses of energy.
The body hums.
The soul reverberates.

Generally acquired from people whose unique ability to devote attention to small details can make immense things happen, such as, but not limited to: programmers and artists. Acquisition method: sex and in very rare moments masturbation or scintillating discussion.

(For those of you for whom this looks familiar, this is a reposting after deletion by an overzealous editor...the originals were at 46 and 62, respectively...)

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