The Codex Regius is a manuscript that was composed in the late 13th century by an unknown writer which contains twenty-nine of the poems contained in the Poetic Edda, making it the most important Eddic manuscript. It has come to us with 45 leaves and nothing is known about it's past before 1643.

In 1643 is was found by Brynjólfur Sveinsson, the Bishop of Skálholt. At this time it was already missing eight sequential pages whose content cannot be found elsewhere, although it is though the Volsunga Saga gives a good outline of the stories contained in those pages. The Bishop presented it to King Frederik III, which gave it the named "Codex regius". The manuscript was kept in the Royal Library in København and was then returned to Iceland on April 21, 1971.

Poems Contained in the Codex Regius:
The Mythical Poems or Lays of the Gods:
Völuspá - The Wise-Woman's Prophecy
Hávamál - The Ballad of the High One
Vafthruthnismol - The Ballad of Vafthruthnir
Grimnismol - The Ballad of Grimnir
Skirnismol - The Ballad of Skirnir
Harbarthsljoth - The Poem of Harbarth
Hymiskvitha - The Lay of Hymir
Lokasenna - Loki's Wrangling
Thrymskvitha - The Lay of Thrym
Alvissmol - The Ballad of Alvis

The Heroic Lays:
Völundarkvitha - The Lay of Völund
Helgakvitha - The Lay of Helgi the Son of Hjorva
Helgakvidha Hundingsbana I - The First Lay of Helgi Hundingsbane
Helgakvidha Hundingsbana II - The Second Lay of Helgi Hundingsbane
Frá Dauda Sinfjötla - Of Sinfjotli's Death
Gripisspo - Gripir's Prophecy
Reginsmol - The Ballad of Regin
Fafnismol - The Ballad of Fafnir
Sigrdrifumol - The Ballad of The Victory-Bringer
Brot Af Sigrdrifumol - Fragment of a Sigurth Lay
Gudrúnarkvida I - The First Lay of Guthrun
Sigurdarkvitha En Skamma - The Short Lay of Sigurth
Helreith Brynhildar - Brynhild's Hell-Ride
Dráp Niflunga - The Slaying of The Niflungs
Gudrúnarkvida II, En Forna - The Second, or Old, Lay of Guthrun
Gudrúnarkvida III - The Third Lay of Guthrun
Oddrunargratr - The Lament of Oddrun
Atlakvitha En Grönlenzka - The Greenland Lay of Atli
Atlamol En Grönlenzku - The Greenland Ballad of Atli
Guthrunarhvot - Guthrun's Inciting
Hamthesmol - The Ballad of Hamther

This translation was done by Henry Adams Bellows and is in the public domain. Since the order of these is in question, there are no links to the previous and next poems. You will need to return to this node or follow the soft link of your choice.

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