The Battle Room is part of the Battle School. There are multiple Battle Rooms that are stationary around a revolving central hallway. The Ender books were based upon the author, Orson Scott Card's idea at 16 years of age of the Battle Room.

In the Battle Room, young military cadets that are above 'Launchy' status are trained in war tactics and early command of units. It has zero gravity, and many doors that open into it (remember, the enemy's gate is down!), and has handles attatched to the walls. Because of the zero gravity, the cadets are able to bounce off the walls, and when going in a direction, cannot change it (this was put to use in Ender's Game with the match of Dragon army against two armies). Formations of the children's armies attack each other, using guns that operate like laser strike, except freeze the body part that is hit. The game ends when one team is annihilated or immobilised, and five members of the winning side open up the winner's portal/gate.

Scores from the Battle Room are a matter of pride for the Battle School armies, and the training here is vital to promotion into Command School.

It is usual for the armies of Battle School to put their amies into four 'toons' (platoons), lead by Toon Leaders. Andrew "Ender" Wiggin revolutionised the way that the Battle Room was used, with his Dragon Army using liquid formations, five toons (led by Crazy Tom, Hot Soup etc) and a special toon (led by Bean). The special toon created new ways of using the Battle Room (use of rope was made to change direction in mid-flight).

The winning Commander of each army is allowed the use of the 'Hook' which allows control in the zero gravity room, and unfreezing the armies at the end of the game.

The Battle Room is of key importance to Battle School, and all its physical training.

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