"Forget Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and the renegade Muslims. Our real terrorists live much closer to home. They're in our churches, in our schools, in our community centres - and up our kids' backsides! They're called Christians. For humanity's sake, pray that they are stopped!"
This "A-Z OF 380 Australian Pedophile Priests & Other Christian Abusers" was first compiled in 1991 by one Arnoume, a "recognised Church of Satan Grotto Master and author of The Antichrist's Bible", and is still updated regulary. Only Christian sex offenders are listed (as far as I know there are no lists for members of other religions or for atheists) and for each Arnoume details their crimes and the sentences recieved, as well as their last known place of residence and occupation. The website is well laid out and the descriptions concise and detailed. It is quite chilling to learn that on several occasions convicted child molestors have been released back into society only to immediately find jobs working with children.

I believe that this list is a commendable idea, and though the fact that they list only Christian pedophiles could be seen as rather petty, the register has been painstakingly collated during someone's free time and it is unreasonable to expect more. The only problem I have with it is that the register lists not only those Christians who have been convicted of sex crimes, but also well known Christians who are merely suspects.

The most recent addition in this category is Sydney Catholic Archbishop George Pell, an outspoken rabid homophobe who was recently accused of molesting pre-pubescent boys whilst a camp leader in the 1970s. Whilst it is tempting to believe that he is guilty1, it is impossible to ignore the fact that allegations like this can damage someone's life completely. Naming people in this manner seems more than a little irresponsible. However I must concede that since generally only prominent suspects are named the allegations usually would be widely known already.

Should the website ever be down, it is certain that a copy of the list can be obtained by writing to:

PO Box 166 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, 8099

The website also contains writings by Arnoume and announcements of upcoming events.

1. It has since been found that Pell has no case to answer regarding these allegations. However in the past he has admitted to covering up for the crimes of other pedophile priests.
Update 09/08/2005 - Having searched Google and found no trace of this website I can only conclude that it has been removed or taken down voluntarily. I considered requesting this node to be deleted but I believe it is still of historical interest if nothing else.

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