from "Tender Buttons: Objects"
By Gertrude Stein

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Out of kindness comes redness and out of rudeness comes
rapid same question, out of an eye comes research, out of
selection comes painful cattle. So then the order is that a
white way of being round is something suggesting a pin and
is it disappointing, it is not, it is so rudimentary to be
analysed and see a fine substance strangely, it is so earnest to
have a green point not to red but to point again.


A large box is handily made of what is necessary to replace
any substance. Suppose an example is necessary, the plainer
it is made the more reason there is for some outward recogni-
tion that there is a result.

A box is made sometimes and them to see to see to it
neatly and to have the holes stopped up makes it necessary
to use paper.

A custom which is necessary when a box is used and taken
is that a large part of the time there are three which have
different connections. The one is on the table. The two are
on the table. The three are on the table. The one, one is the
same length as is shown by the cover being longer. The other
is different there is more cover that shows it. The other is
different and that makes the corners have the same shade the
eight are in singular arrangement to make four necessary.

Lax, to have corners, to be lighter than some weight, to
indicate a wedding journey, to last brown and not curious, to
be wealthy, cigarettes are established by length and by

Left open, to be left pounded, to be left closed, to be
circulating in summer and winter, and sick color that is grey
that is not dusty and red shows, to be sure cigarettes do
measure an empty length sooner than a choice in color.

Winged, to be winged means that white is yellow and
pieces pieces that are brown are dust color if dust is washed
off, then it is choice that is to say it is fitting cigarettes sooner
than paper.

An increase why is an increase idle, why is silver cloister,
why is the spark brighter, if it is brighter is there any result,
hardly more than ever.

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