The World As It Stands At 2055

The average 2055 man looks out of his property and sees desert and city. Nothing else. This is mainly because pollution levels have become so high that air quality has become very poor forever, thus rendering the EPA redundant. Trees are not able to breathe in such air, and therefore people have no natural oxygen. To try to curb this pollution, people have converted to solar energy. Where electricity is not required, people use rechargeable batteries.

The man steps back inside to hear the hum of an Oxy-Generator. It is the only way people can breathe now. He can also hear gunshots: one of his children is playing a violent game on the computer. He starts to get a headache and walks outside to his hover car to go to the shop for some aspirin and milk.

On his way, he nearly runs over an average of 15 people but he doesn’t worry, because of how much hover cars can float. The 15 are all sensible enough to flatten themselves to the ground. He buys the aspirin and milk and comes back home. He doesn’t like buying aspirin much as it costs about 20 Stellars. He looks at a One Stellar note and thinks back to when they were first invented: when people didn’t give a damn about two lousy cents.

On the way back he runs out of fuel. There’s no problem as he pulls out a bottle of water and empties it into the fuel tank. Hydrogen fuel is now the most common and least expensive of all fuels to use, and since someone struck a huge reserve of water about 30 years ago, the most abundant. He drives back home, not having to worry about anything else.

When he gets home he discovers that the children have left the violent game and turned to another even more violent game. He takes a couple of aspirin and turns to the teleporter. He decides to visit his mother’s house for a bit until his headache clears. His mother is surprised to see him, however, she takes a packet of powder out of the cupboard and puts it in the microwave for ten seconds. She then takes out a fresh batch of cookies that have been baked from the powder.

Meanwhile, the children are eagerly anticipating their mother’s arrival. She has just been at the laboratory of Professor D L Elliot, the world's leading inventor, trying to help him create a portable version of the Vid Communic™ system. It doesn’t seem to have had much success, but everybody’s hoping it will be an everyday item in the next 50 years. This last bit is shown on the news that night and it makes 70-year-old people think: what has happened in the last 50 years for them...?

And now to find out exactly what happened to make all this happen:

How The World of 2055 Came To Be

It all started with a war over two cents.

Duck and Cover: Mark 2 was showing at a local Alabama cinema between September 27 and October 16, 2014. The admission fee was $3.00 right up until the last screening when inflation made prices rise to $3.02 without the public becoming aware of it. Everybody came on that fateful Monday with their three dollars, hoping to see American stupidity at its best. (They were actually sadly mistaken because this actually was an educational film.) The first person in the line was rejected. His name was John Cook and he argued that it was only two cents. The theatre employees argued that ‘if everybody paid two cents less, we wouldn’t have enough money to buy more films - for YOUR enjoyment.’ The two sides argued on and on until eventually, the moviegoers declared war on all cinemas.

German and Japanese tourists came across the Atlantic to see the movie on October 13 that year, but were very upset when they exchanged their many marks and yen for a measly dollar and a half, due to a falling currency rate. They discovered that the President was trying to sort out the Two Cents War. After a hike across the land to where the war was happening, they joined in. Desperate, the employees called Australians, Britons, Kiwis, Chinese and most of the other major nations in to help them. The moviegoers called in everybody else.

The war raged on for five years until its name was changed to the Third World War. It raged so much that weapons of mass destruction were used. Finally, though, the war ended some time in 2020. Everybody had lost track of time so they waited for about ten months until the Summer Solstice. They called it April the 1st afterwards because they had been fooled into thinking that the Loch Ness Monster was due to make another appearance in the water. (It had actually been badly injured by a weapon of mass destruction and has never trusted humans again to this date.)

Meanwhile, politicians were debating about the world’s pollution. It was now so bad that all the world’s trees were dying. A solution had to be found. For many years people struggled to find alternatives and solutions. Finally, Professor D L Elliot invented the Oxy-Generation unit. All the trees were now superfluous and able to die. Needless to say, most of the world turned into a desert.

However, there was still the problem of water. By 2025, the world's population was up to 12 billion people and water was being used so much that so many dams and reservoirs had permanently run dry. So began the famous 2026 Water Hunt competiton. The winner would win fame, fortune, and a hundred hot, naked girls with double-Ds, or a hundred spunky, naked men with six-packs. The hunt started. Men and women with pickaxes and shovels started digging wherever there was land to be dug. The man who finally did discover a huge reserve of water died from a heart attack after getting way too excited about a hundred naked babes, and was never identified. (Rumours that the girls were "disappointed" later on were quashed quickly.)

In 2033 it was decided that money was the catalyst for war, after the infamous 2030 Civil war over a stolen dollar. It was because of this that all money was burnt or melted down to make more Oxy-Generation units. For another two years, people got by using trading. Then, after the fiftieth eye was gouged out because someone tried to trade a massive computer system for a kernel of corn, Chris Marland ran into the street with a bit of paper in his hand. It was his design for a universal currency: the One Stellar Note. Sadly, however, he could not produce much, and therefore the richest men and women owned as much as 250,000 Stellars and the poorest owned one Stellar.

Years passed without much notice until Professor D L Elliot invented a robot designed to play sports. Robo Sports, as they were called, became much more popular than regular sports. Sports superstars were given their last payments on the 26th of November, 2045. It was very symbolic because of the fact that it was very cold and wet that day.

For the next ten years, people lived in harmony. Professor D L Elliot is now working on a remote communicator. Oxy-Generators are not running out, neither is energy. People are finding more and more ways to live in deserts. Simply put, the world at 2055 is pretty good.

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