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The Best of The Week

Along with fucktard, cockbite, dickwad, douchebag, and jackass, asshat is a wonderfully spondaic profanity used by speakers of Late Modern English, especially on the Internet, for describing somebody whose complete lack of consideration toward others is only overcome by their similarly-impressive stupidity about how they perform their interpersonal disservices.

Much like a hat for one's posterior, the asshat is somebody whose presence, participation, and input in any given situation are unwelcome, unnecessary, and generally the sort of thing which leaves everybody else wondering whose* bright idea it was to invite this assclown to the party.

The following are some alternative profanities corresponding to other metrical feet, in case your choice of insult has meter in mind:

Dactyl - twatwaffle, asshelmet, cockwomble

Cretic (or amphimacer) - douchecanoe

Our atmosphere is mostly composed of the inert gas nitrogen (about 78%). Most of the remaining fraction is oxygen, which isn't flammable either—if it was, we wouldn't be here to chat about it! However oxygen does allow many other things to catch fire at a lower temperature, and then to burn both hotter and faster.

In most environments, the daily risk of fire may be small, but the effects of a fire once started can be catastrophic. Therefore most urban environments have…

In Greek mythology, Cadmus, grandson of Poseidon, slaughtered a sacred dragon belonging to Ares, and Athena advised Cadmus to plant the dragon's teeth into the soil as though they were seeds. Cadmus planted half of them at Thebes, immediately, and the Spartoi - Σπαρτοί, literally "planted ones" - leapt out of the earth: quarrelsome mighty warriors. Cadmus initially thought the Spartoi were sent to slay him, and in his fear he tossed a stone at one of them, striking him. The warrior…