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The Best of The Week

I pondered how to node something for the Lost Gems quest to focus reader awareness on the essay On Blackness. I am an average-build Caucasian male who has never had to deal with racial discrimination. (I was once treated rudely in Hull, Quebec because I am a maudit Anglais with terrible spoken French, and I am starting to feel the mild burn of ageism, but that is as close as I can get.) I can't speak to Evil Catullus' experiences with police racial bias. But I have had various interactions with the constabulary over the years. I wonder how they might have gone if I'd been black instead of white.

I grew up in a small town in southwestern Ontario, Canada. One time during high school, I had been working very late in the second floor computer lab. This was well before the advent of the Personal Computer. We had the latest cutting edge tech, four SWTPC 6800 minicomputer systems. These were basically PCs, but a bit before their time. I…

The stigma against addiction make families secretive.

Some addicts use this.

Let's rephrase that: some people in the grip of addiction use shame to continue with the addiction.

By in the grip of addiction, I mean that the drug has taken over. That is how I think of addiction, that the drug has crashed all boundaries and the person puts the drug first. The drug is in control. The drugged addicted person is lying:…

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