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The Best of The Week

Some Twitter accounts are different. Weirder. Sunnier. More meta.

"Welcome to Weird Sun Inc. Combinatorically exhausting the space of possible Insights™ since 2014."
Argument Of Function ‏@ArgumentOfFun

The Weird Suns are fallout from the rationality community, which is generally centered on the website LessWrong, but disporising quickly. They sometimes identify as post-rational, but usually don't bother to identify as anything.

"The AI doesn't hate you nor does it love you. The AI is over you, perfectly happy without you, probably seeing someone new already. It hurts"
Body of Air ‏@BodyOfAir

How do you tell if you are a Weird Sun? Well, Weird Suns usually have a colorized picture of a sun as their user pic, are named in the form of "X of Y", and say things that dog whistle rationality and/or pseudo-intellectualism, probably ironically.


Yesterday was a tough day for Mike.


Mike is a mechanic and he knows a lot about cars, but not a lot about much else.  He is one of only four repair guys in his one horse, two stoplight town.  

He goes to a local diner for supper after work most everyday unless a schoolbus needs a repair, or a similar emergency. He likes one of the waitresses, whose nametag says Sally, but everyone calls  her SJ, for Sally Jean.     

I think…

I've been thinking about the double standard in this election: so, let's enter the imagination machine, step right up Ghouls and Boyars and bring your akavit, vodka, pot, meth, whatever.

Let's reverse the sexes.

Donna Trump is now a GIRL. She has a VAGINA and a VULVA and she acts JUST THE SAME....

... and uh, well, isn't that just like a woman? Fuck, the way she throws tantrums and all those emotions and not only is she…