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The Best of The Week

Saturday I went to the Boston area to attend a holiday party thrown by some friends of mine. I have to be in Boston later this week to help my aunt, who is going into the hospital for back surgery. Fortunately, this is a procedure she has had before; this instance will be quite a bit less drastic than her first go-around (some discs they elected not to do last time have since developed problems), and there is very little risk associated with it. Essentially I'm going to stay with her for a bit, as she lives alone and mobility will be an issue for a few days.

While on the way to Boston I'd gotten an email from a friend of mine I haven't heard from in a few months. He had warned me prior to vanishing that 'he had some things to take care of' and that he might or might not get back in touch. I know that sounds odd, but for this person that's a fairly normal statement - he's intensely private, and there was a chance I'd annoyed him (although he didn't mention that at the time). I told him I'd be…

Cookbook, by Louise Bennett Weaver, Helen LeCron. Published ,New York, 1917;

Oh, no!

It's late afternoon, and you've just gotten a phone call from your loving husband, Bob, that Mr. Dimwittie, his widower boss's boss, coming over for dinner. Moreover, unbeknownst to him, Eleanor, the old spinster head of the Church Youth and Temperance League will be stopping by after dinner to discuss the annual Candlemass Firelight Social. You haven't time to get to the market, money has…

Oh, what might have been.

Well, reading the previous write ups in this node certainly took me for a stroll down memory lane and while there certainly was an impressive list of performers at this history making event, the list of bands and people who declined offers to play or simply couldn’t make might even be more impressive.

Let's start with Bob Dylan. He was hanging around upstate New York quite a bit during that time and was asked to play but never gave it any serious thought.…