April 1: New York Eaten by Giant Rats!
April 1: Check out the new User Poll!
April 2: Hans Christian Andersen born.
April 3: Check out Glowing Fish's new project, thoroughly reviewing High Maintenance.
April 3: BQ14
April 6: borgo's birthday!
April 7: Tem42's birthday!
April 7: William Wordsworth born.
April 12: Beverly Cleary born.
April 16: moeyz's birthday!
April 22: Earth Day
April 23: William Shakespeare died, 1616.
April 26: William Shakespeare was baptized, 1564 (birthdate unknown).

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03/01 Cheers to Zephronias, Demeter, and drownzsurf on finding six perfect words.
03/02 Check out the new user poll!
03/07 International Women's Day.
03/11 E2 author Lucy-s is running a Kickstarter for her newest project.
03/13 Check out Pandeism Fish's Homonym-verse contest.
03/14 Pi Day
03/21 World Poetry Day
03/24 World Tuberculosis Day
03/25 International Tolkien Reading Day
03/27 World Theatre Day
03/31 Happy Birthday to mad girl's love song!

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Life is buried under innumerable words.

From February 6th to February 16th you are invited to write very little. Read more about it here.

The Everything2 Podcast for Halloween 2013 is out now, waiting for you in the darkness. Evil Catullus and Montag host.

There is also still time to contribute to 13 O'Clock: The 2013 Halloween Horrorquest... if you're fast enough.

The sixth annual IRON NODER CHALLENGE begins November 1! It's never too late to sign up and we welcome all comers, even if you don't think you can really write 30 nodes in a month. T'is glorious to join the hallowed ranks of the IRON, but there is also no shame in falling short.

We're also looking for people to join our panel of Iron Voters. These users pledge to read and vote on everything submitted for the quest.

Read more about the Iron Noder Challenge and sign up here.

SuperMegaNodeFestQuest 2013. Shazam! has ended.

You had just over one week to node as much as you could -- for the good of all mankind!

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In the first E2 Podcast of 2013, Evil Catullus and Montag present a very eclectic set of readings.

This podcast is hosted on SoundCloud.

It’s time to share your inner geek. This is E2 and we’re all pretty geeky, but some of us hide it better than others. So, throughout May let’s take a moment to indulge. Tell us about your favorite escapism. Recommend movies and literature. Convey the epic tale of how you saved the world by rolling polyhedral dice across a table. What is your new geekiness? Convince us the costumes in your closet are not weird at all. Somebody please try to make LARPing not sound insane!

Oh! Math! Science! That too!

Visit the quest node for more information!

Begin the Middle Way Today!

The March quest is here! See the Quest node for details.

This February, Everything2 invites you to explain all about what things are and how they work. We want to read what you have to tell us about physics, chemistry, biology, ecology - every branch of the natural sciences. Tell us, too, of the ways that science touches and is touched by mathematics, technology, computer science, social science. Bring us nuggets of scientific wisdom, tell us true science stories, show us how it all fits together. Astound us! Intrigue us.

ScienceQuest 2013 runs throughout the month of February.

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