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The Best of The Week

There's a process in the cross-continent move.

Throw out 3/4 of your things - mostly furniture, if you can help it.

Pack four large plastic bins of: kitchen essentials, clothing essentials, camping essentials, aesthetic essentials. Clothes into your travel bags. You are, after all, going someplace else.

Set aside road trip budget. Plot route.

Pack. Spend every night packing. Devote one night to the kitchen, the next to the bedroom.

Call your friends. See if they want free, slightly used furniture. Mention casually that your cats are unkind to leather couches and also spider plants. The former is comfortable, the latter is good at enduring the semi-regular chewing of restless felines.

Drink as much as you feel necessary, pre-launch procedures are fraught with impatience and nerves. Scout around your new workplace.

Call your friends. See when they're free to get dinner, and also who has a guest room for once the men have come to take away a smile…

A special stocking (a.k.a. tights) designed to treat and/or prevent disorders of the veins in the leg. Unlike the similar anti-embolism stockings, compression stockings are designed for use by ambulatory individuals.

They work together with the normal pump action of the leg to provide move blood flow in the deep veins, back towards the torso. This reduces swelling and discomfort. They may be knee-length or come all the way up the thigh. They come in…

The True Meaning of Smekday
by Adam Rex
Hyperion Books, 2007

The True Meaning of Smekday is a children's / young adult novel about that time the Earth was invaded by aliens. And then those other aliens. And how it all worked out okay in the end.

Gratuity Tucci (her mom thought that gratuity meant something else) is one of the first people on Earth to learn about the alien invasion. Unfortunately,…