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The Best of The Week

Zombie is a 1995 novel by Joyce Carol Oates; it won the Bram Stoker Award. It is the epistolary story of Quentin P., the underachieving son of a college professor who is out on parole after being put on trial for sexually molesting a teenager. Quentin is under the supervision of his worried parents and his court-appointed psychiatrist, but none of them have realized that he’s graduated to serial killing and is trying to find the right victim to lobotomize and turn into his personal zombie sex slave.

One of the things that really struck me about the book is the style of Oates’ first-person narration through his diary entries. I couldn’t help but compare Quentin with two other mentally ill first-person protagonists: Imp in Caitlin Kiernan’s The Drowning Girl: A Memoir and Hildred Castaigne in Robert Chambers’ “The Repairer of Reputations.” The story in Zombie is more like The Drowning Girl in…

Green Boots is a nickname. I'd say it's the nickname of a person, but I'd be wrong.

On the north side of Mount Everest, on the main trail a short way down from the summit, there is a shelter - a rock formation with an overhang beneath which it is possible to huddle out of the wind. In that shelter lies a man huddling out of the cold, his arms wrapped tightly around his midsection. His feet rest outside the shelter, on the trail itself. They are clad in neon green climbing boots.


I am sending this to you because I cannot get other people to print it. The newspaper says no, and the TV stations don't let me in no more. And when I print it out and tape them up downtown, they get torn down and the police say it is vandalism. It is not vandalism, I am trying to spread the word. So I am sending this to you.

This is how you get into the Bleak Cabaret.

First, you must go downtown in October. The Bleak Cabaret is not open any time but October. You must…