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The Best of The Week

As a hiring manager for a software company, I interviewed using behavioral interview questions, also known as the 'STAR' technique. The candidate is asked to talk about a specific instance that demonstrated a capability or a response to some specific circumstance. The interviewer listens for these elements:

It wasn’t necessary for a candidate to have vignettes memorized, but the stories needed to exist so that I could draw them out with questioning. An inability to give good STAR stories, even if I led the candidate very clearly, was a showstopper for continuing in the hiring process.

Here are some examples of questions that I would use to lead these discussions:

Tell me about what you did in your most recent job?
I was listening for:

Tomorrow is surgery day.

Fortunately for me, given my varying mood swings and changes of mind regarding this procedure (which seem to happen on increasingly shorter cycles as the date approaches) the NY Times published a story yesterday on weight loss that is incredibly apropos and has helped calm my second-guessing. Apparently, observing a number of people who lost a bunch of weight via diet and…

Of all the candidates in the 2011-2012 Republican Primary, it was Herman Cain who proved to be prophetic. In that campaign, he was incredibly ill-informed, and willing to say ludicrous things, and people loved him for it, because he was so easy to make fun of. The rest of the candidates actually tried to sound intelligent. Staid. Stuffy. But Not Herman Cain. He was too busy talking about U-beki-beki-beki-stan. He bowed out with a…