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What is it?

It's a cellphone game based off the incredibly popular Pokemon franchise, you noodle!

Less sass, more detail, please?

Pokemon Go is the Pokemon franchise's latest attempt to get people outside. First there was the old trading system, then the Pokewalker, and now this evil, ingenious creation.

More specifically, Pokemon Go is an AR smartphone game, co-created by Nintendo and Niantic and developed by Niantic, wherein you, the player, find Pokemon in your real life location. No no, they did not master genetic engineering and release an untold number of poke-critters into the world. Instead, the game utilizes your phone's GPS to find your location on the map (using Google Maps software) and drops randomly generated digital Pokemon around you. The game alerts you when a Pokemon is near, and you…

"Tell me why, I'm stuck as a virgin with rage,
Tell me why, I so need a cute girl my age,
Tell me why, I never wanna hear you say,
'I have a boyfriend!'"

- Christian Weston Chandler, c. 2005

Ahhh, the manosphere. Also known as the Men's Rights Movement, MRAs, the manarchy, the redpill movement, or other suchlike. It's one of those networks of loosely affiliated men (natch) who hang out on iffy corners…

When I was in residency, one of the obstetrics-gynecology faculty asked us, "Women died in childbirth. What did they die of?"

We were silent. Stumped. Infection? Well, when there was no infection control and the male physicians went from room to room with no hand washing, yes... but....

Preeclampsia? No. Not that common. Eclampsia? Ditto.

"What if a woman is in labor and the baby is stuck? What do they die of?"

Ick. "Bleeding?"