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The Best of The Week

The damn kids from Beyond Thunderdome are not in the film.

Mad Max: Fury Road is not a balanced movie.

But that's not what you wanted, is it?

Seriously. Remember those 6-8 minutes of The Road Warrior where the combat centers around the rig? Okay, maybe 10-12 minutes of actual action. Remember that? You do? Did you like it?

I hope so, because Fury Road is basically nothing but that for maybe 2-2.25 hours.

As mentioned above, an unusual bout of rain disrupted the planned filming in Australia. Originally planned to be filmed near Broken Hill, the production was postponed when a large rainfall season ended up blanketing the desert in wildflowers. While gorgeous, it just really doesn't scream 'WASTELAND' and thus the whole thing was packed up and shipped to Namibia. Where, of course, it turns out there is a fragile lichen-based dune ecosystem which the production is now accused of running roughshod over with their chariots of fire and…

I had a teacher in the 7th grade with a placard on his desk; it said "LIFE IS LEARNING". It wasn't the kind that has some cutesy animal on it, or a stylized picture of a teacher, or a place to frame a picture of a college graduation. It was plain, almost austere, and it faced him, not us. It was something he had for his own reasons.

He was one of the best teachers I ever had, and one of the better human beings I ever met. He taught the nebulous subject of "Social Studies" and was…

A discussion in the chatterbox reminded me that yes, indeed, I do have a few straight razors in a box along with countless jars of tried-and-discarded brilliantines and pomades. I also have my grandfather's razors, totally unfit for use, along with a sharpening stone with a concave curve in the middle, meaning it's useless too. But I keep them for sentimental reasons alongside the ones I use. I still use one that had some staining on it which an ex-girlfriend decided to surprise me with by "cleaning"…