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The Best of The Week

My clinic refuses to fax to mail order pharmacies. Instead, I give the paper prescription to the patient and tell them to mail it.

I started this policy over a year ago, when five different patients called in the same week, about two mail order pharmacies.

Patient: "I called my pharmacy. They say that they don't have the prescription and the doctor just needs to call."

I check. Each of the prescriptions had been faxed. I called the two companies a total of five times that week. Each time they would ask for my identifying information, the patient's identifying information, transfer me and then say, "Oh, yes, we have the prescription."

Ah. This is a nice example of triangulation. The patient calls the pharmacy for their refill. The mail order company faxes me a request. I check the chart, see if the person is due for labs or a visit, and fax the prescription. Then the company sits on it. The patient calls them and the…

A game mechanic is a set of rules that can be grouped in a useful way to give a shorthand label communicating what kind of game one is playing. For example, Hearts and Bridge are both trick-taking games. Knowing this tells you quite a bit about these games; they probably use a standardized deck, there is a trump, memory and strategy will be important.

While any sort of game might be classified by its mechanics, the area that I am most familiar with, and one of the areas most…

The Secret Lives of INTJs is a book written by Anna Moss. The book is concerned with the rare Myers-Briggs personality type INTJ. There are plenty of books espousing information and advice on the myriad schema devised to organize and explain the intricacies of human minds but few zoom it to a small section of the population and explain what makes the tiny subset tick. INTJs are an enigmatic lot; fierce but reserved, individualistic, self assured without putting on airs. It is arguably the…