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Cream of the Cool

I recently realized that my glasses were starting to cause more issues than they fixed. Blurriness, double vision, problems changing focal planes.

This is top fuck. Exactly what I needed. I have a more recent prescription that works fine (as evidenced by the sunglasses I have to wear most times outside these days) but the prescription is expired, which means that no reputable place will accept it for the purposes of making eyeglasses, and unlike many places I have lived, here you can't just slip…

Agriculture developed in separate locations worldwide about 12,000 years ago, at the beginning of the current geological epoch. Different explanations exist, drawing on the unusually stable early-Holocene climate and humanity's psychological aversion to death, among other factors.

In all locations, the domestication of plants helped justify establishing trade and building permanent structures. The Agricultural Revolution enabled humans to produce non-instructi…

Zzxjoanw is a famous lexicographic hoax, perpetuated by Rupert Hughes. Mr. Hughes was an American novelist, film director, screenwriter, military officer, composer, and most importantly for the subject at hand, the author of the The Musical Guide (1903), an encyclopedia of classical music. Included in this was a pronouncing dictionary, and the last entry in this section was as follows:


Or “What to do if you have 400 dead auks, a seal carcass and some time on your hands.”

When it comes to food, I guess the pickings must be mighty slim if you were/are an Inuit living in Greenland. Since most of the country is (or was, depending on your view of climate change) covered in ice there really is no farmable land and the natives have to make do with what…