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Cream of the Cool

The Circle
By Dave Eggers
Knopf, 2013

The Circle is a novel of near-future dystopian science fiction, although it's primary purpose is as a morality tale, presenting the reader with a social message about the importance of privacy in the computer age.

Mae Holland has just been offered her dream job, a chance to work at The Circle. It's the biggest tech company since... well, ever, bigger than Facebook and Google…

"Scammer Grammar" is a term I learned today, for a phenomenon I have noticed for a long time. As its rhyming name explains, Scammer Grammar is the grammar (in the non-technical sense: it also includes spelling, capitalization and content) used by scammers online. Specifically, scammer grammar comes about when a non-native English speaker tries to pretend that they are a typical American man or lady, often looking for romance. Sometimes scammer grammar is also used by people who state that…

and my tears interleave with the wires and energy...

An interleaver device multiplexes - condenses data together. Think of streams of information, think of TCP/IP flowing together on the purely physical layer, just energy, motes of light on a strand of light. Think of glass and light and glowing LED lights. Flowing together, many signals into one signal. Distinct, but separate. These hands. This fiber. This dream.

Emordnilap is a recently coined word and internet meme... although many would argue that it is not really a word in any meaningful sense.

According to myriad Tumblr posts (starting here), emordnilap is palindrome spelled backwards (true!), and means any word which when spelled backwards makes another word.

Emordnilaps would include:

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