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The Tree That Owns Itself is a white oak that resides at the intersection of South Finley and Dearing Streets in Athens, Georgia. It has the unusual distinction of holding the deed to the land that it sits upon.

The first noted record of this was in the Athens Weekly Banner of August 12, 1890, although various reports give the actual year of the deeding as anywhere from 1820 and 1832. The story goes that Colonel William Henry Jackson, having fond childhood memories of the tree's parent, deeded an 8-foot square of land to it in order to ensure its continued protection. Tragically, this tree died on October 9, 1942, and the current tree is an offspring grown from one of the original tree's acorns. It is sometimes referred to as 'Son of The Tree That Owns Itself', although the patriarchy may be overreaching itself on this point.

The original deed has been lost (and, some argue, probably never existed), and also, legally speaking trees cannot hold deeds

It's been a while.

Summer is almost over for me, and I've been preparing for my Phase Two Student Teaching. Yes, despite all the issues I had, I did pass Phase One. This semester, I'm at a middle school, and I have my pick of 6th, 7th, or 8th, since my mentor has all three classes, as well as 5th graders that are part of a special STEM-focused program at the school. I'm technically going to be teaching inside that program, which has a heavier emphasis on cross-content curriculum (meaning that…

Gather 'round boys and girls, it's time for yet another tale to chiiill your boooones! Alright fine, it's yet another worrisome story about an aspect of the technology we've come to love over the past few years.

So you might be wondering, what exactly is a Baseband Processor? Well, in a nutshell, it is the main chipset of your device. It is responsible for all the telecommunications and directly interfaces with the hardware. It also includes stacks for…