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The Best of The Week

There is not much I can say

except his eyes have darkened

and in his half-dreams, once familiar

long cold fingers reach out

as if trying to grasp onto something.

Attempting to orient him, I pointed to

a full moon among white clouds, lingering

in a late August sky still blue,

the striation of purple as

the sun disappeared off to the west.

Surrounded by cats, our sons, and me

draping him with a soft blanket

for better or worse

not even the bird feeder full

nor a fire pit warming all of us

could keep his mind from

some imagined invitation

to a party just for him

that he dressed and waited

on the front porch alone,

angry, insistent and distant.

until death do us part

I cannot imagine living without him

"A bright appearance in the horizon, under the sun or moon, arising from the reflected light of those bodies from the small rippling waves on the surface of the water."
--Bowditch´s Navigator, 24th edition (1854)

'Kumatage' appears to be a comparative neologism, coined, we must assume, in the early-to-mid 1800s. It appears to be formed using the Greek kumat, meaning wave, and -age, almost certainly…