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The Best of The Week

Tomorrow is surgery day.

Fortunately for me, given my varying mood swings and changes of mind regarding this procedure (which seem to happen on increasingly shorter cycles as the date approaches) the NY Times published a story yesterday on weight loss that is incredibly apropos and has helped calm my second-guessing. Apparently, observing a number of people who lost a bunch of weight via diet and exercise (the winners of The Biggest Loser) over a few years, they made some interesting discoveries. tl;dr - although the study isn't fully scientific (no controls, low sample) they discovered that in all cases, these people's bodies reacted to their losing large amounts of weight via diet and exercise by dramatically lowering their metabolic rate and dramatically raising the chemical hunger levels in their bodies. In other words, their bodies frantically tried to get them to return to…

Fellow sophonts, please forgo your usual enscribbling in favor of the newest frontier: counterfactual universes! Yes, it is time for the latest in an intermittent series of science fiction quests. Specifically, from May 1st, 3016 to June 1st, 3016.

Please node about things that have not yet been fully invented, beasts that have not formally evolved, people not officially released for public consumption, and alternate timelines of all stripes.…

As a hiring manager for a software company, I interviewed using behavioral interview questions, also known as the 'STAR' technique. The candidate is asked to talk about a specific instance that demonstrated a capability or a response to some specific circumstance. The interviewer listens for these elements: