You will never find a more wretched hive of ponies and buttercups.

The Best of The Week

It lives! The dead live! Ancient, dust-laden writeups flooding from their tombs!






Faint at first, growing steadily louder.

Klaproth's handiwork undone. Our sweet Angel of Mercy has left this world. His sword no longer burns; the spell has come undone.

Over 600,000. The tales of our ancestors echo again.

It is written. The living and the dead shall do battle for the soul of the world.

"Send them to the island" is done.

The living shall live another day

All of your nuked writeups are now in your Drafts, on a…

Hi everyone.

It's been ages since I was last here. Maybe more like weeks, but it feels like a long time. It was not because I wanted to, though.

I won't share the ugly stuff with you. First, because the ugly economic troubles we (my workplace) have faced these weeks are not meant to be shared. Second, because you don't strictly need to know and I believe that when you have a choice, you should never go for the ugly option. When you don't have a choice, just roll with it.

So, a…

I recently realized that my glasses were starting to cause more issues than they fixed. Blurriness, double vision, problems changing focal planes.

This is top fuck. Exactly what I needed. I have a more recent prescription that works fine (as evidenced by the sunglasses I have to wear most times outside these days) but the prescription is expired, which means that no reputable place will accept it for the purposes of making eyeglasses, and unlike many places I have lived, here you can't just slip…